This viral microwave hack on TikTok is pure genius

TikTok swooping in to save the day, yet again

microwave tiktok hack
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Our cup runneth over with kitchen hacks thanks to the ever-resourceful TikTok. One of the latest shortcuts to sweep the platform will have you second-guessing the way you reheat those leftovers (particularly that gooey mac 'n cheese). Not all heroes wear capes, folks—some wear aprons.

The account @howdoesshe has enlightened its 62,000+ followers to the correct way of heating the kid-friendly, adult-approved side dish. Rather than place all of the cheesy carbs at the center of the plate—which often results in hot cheese, cold macaroni, and multiple trips to the micro—viewers see the meal being placed in a large ring on the dish. This allows the food to be heated evenly and cuts down the work for busy moms. 


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While yes, it does seem to be a time-saver, Real Simple confirmed that this trick might not necessarily work for every dish, especially if it's not one that you can spread. (@howdoesshe, it's all on you to figure out how to crack that code.)

In the meantime, we'll entertain you with other awesome things you need to do in the kitchen: i.e., purchase a Joseph Joseph spatula. Through a viral video, @simplysalfinds demonstrates the seemingly simple utensil's five-in-one capabilities: flip (naturally), scoop, slice, spread, and strain. Considering the clip has made the rounds over 400,000 times, it's safe to say your kitchen draw just might need one of these bad boys. 


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Whether you're cooking or reheating a family-favorite dish, one thing's clear: your gear is going to get dirty—especially those wooden spoons.'s viral video, which garnered a shocking 21 million+ views, shows you how to clean your wooden utensils accurately. Yes, it's gross, but it's also eye-opening. 

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The next time we find ourselves wondering how to meal prep a bit easier, you can find us on TikTok. Sure it's popular with the kids, but anything that helps cut time in half is OK in our book. 

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