This Gilmore Girls star has officially invited Meryl Streep to sign onto the revival

Gilmore Girls' Scott Patterson has suggested Meryl Streep joins the revival's potential second season

Gilmore Girls' Scott Patterson has suggested Meryl Streep joins the revival's potential Season Two
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Gilmore Girls fans, take note—Meryl Streep could be next to join the iconic cast. 

Viewers of the early noughties show have been desperate for more Lorelai and Rory drama ever since its 2016 Netflix revival, A Year in the Life—and it now looks like a second season might just on the cards. 

With the four-part series ending on a major cliffhanger, Gilmore Girl audiences are yearning to know what happens next to the beloved mother-daughter duo. Lauren Graham revealed a surprising contract clause that’s promising for all Lorelai fans last March, and now Scott Patterson has added to speculation that we could be seeing a reunion sooner than we think. 

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The veteran actor, who plays Luke Danes, confirmed he is game for a second season of A Year in the Life—and even has some cast and storyline ideas ready to go. 

Speaking on his 'I Am All In' podcast, he shared that he would like the writers to explore Luke's background more, before quickly realizing he didn't know if his character's parents were alive.

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Gilmore Girls fans are desperate to see Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson resume their roles in a second season of the revival 

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"The mom could be alive, right? I mean you could get Meryl Streep to come in and play my mom,” he said. “They could give me another horrible wig and I could play the younger version of myself with my dad throwing the football. … Anything’s possible."

Scott also gave his thoughts on Rory's shock pregnancy, explaining how the identity of the baby's father would influence the storyline. 

“If it’s Logan or whatever, then, you know, he flips out and goes away," he predicted. "History repeats itself a la Christopher and Lorelai. And then she goes off to pursue a huge opportunity in Europe for her writing and dumps the baby in our lap. And we get to raise the kid a little bit while she’s off pursuing that and she comes back.”

While he still doesn't know who the father is, he's pinning his hopes on series bad boy Jess, played by Milo Ventimiglia. 

"He’s my nephew! I love the kid, you know, he’s blood. I like Milo a lot," he said.

Jess had a complicated relationship with Rory throughout the original series, and although the revival does not see the two rekindle their love, it does leave the door open for reconciliation. 

Scott isn't too fussed though about the ins and outs of the potential second season though. As long as he can resume his fictional job at the diner, he's happy. 

“I have a clause in my will that they can dig me up and prop me up like Weekend at Bernie’s that’ll be like Weekend at Luke’s to be in (any additional) episodes," he joked. 

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