The Ted Lasso season 3 questions we really need answering as the hilarious drama returns for its last run

Ted Lasso season 3 is set to air very soon and there are still so many questions we need answering in the final-ever season of the show!

Ted Lasso season 3
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Ted Lasso season 3 is set to air very soon and fans are desperate to find out the fate of their favorite characters they have grown to love over the past three seasons.

Ted Lasso season three is set to premiere on Apple TV on Wednesday, March 15, 2023. This will be the final ever installment of the show and should wrap up all the major plotlines from the first and second seasons. Here is a rundown of all the questions we want to be answered in the third and final installment of the beloved series, plus all the twists that seem to be hinted at in the final trailer of the show...

Will Keeley end up with Roy or Jamie?

The beginning of the series began with Keeley dating Jamie Tartt and being introduced to the show primarily as his girlfriend. Her character then became close with Rebecca and established her own role in PR at Richmond FC. She also became closer to Roy Kent, and by the end of the first season, she and Roy were officially together.

While things were going well for Keeley and Roy in the second season, in episode 10 of the season Jamie admits to Keeley at the funeral that he is still in love with her. 

When Roy and Keeley are having a photoshoot together for a magazine spread, she tells Roy about Jamie's confession, and Roy tells Keeley that he spent three hours chatting to his niece Phoebe's teacher. He admits that when Phoebe's teacher asked if he was married he just said no and nothing else. "I don't know why." The pair then sat in silence looking shocked as they continued with the photoshoot. 

The season ends with the two in an odd position, and Roy tries to book them a romantic getaway for six weeks to have a bit of time alone before Keeley begins her new role. "Roy I'd love to but I can't, I just can't. But you should go!" she says. "Are we breaking up?" asks Roy. Although Keeley says of course they aren't the pair seem to be drifting apart and are about to spend six weeks apart.

The trailer for the new show showed them having what looked like a serious conversation on a child's bed, and being interrupted by Jamie. Could it be that Jamie and Keeley reconnected while Roy was away? Did Keeley and Roy make it through their six weeks apart? Does Keeley end up with either of them or does she finish the series single? We need to wait for season three to find out!

Ted Lasso

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Will Nate come back to Richmond?

 After feeling overlooked and undervalued by Ted and the rest of the coaching team, Nate had an explosive fight with Ted and walked out of his role at Richmond. Fans were devastated to see Nate take up Rupert's offer at the end of the season and begin working for West Ham, and it is in this new role that fans find Nate in season three.

The season trailer hints that Nate is unsatisfied and lonely in his role, and he is seen eating alone at a restaurant, seemingly the same that he tried to book a window seat at in a previous episode. He is well dressed and seems to have a lot going for him - except the friendships he has burnt after leaving Richmond.

That being said, one clip shows Ted and his son seemingly supporting West Ham in the stands and watching Nate manage. They are also shown conversing in other promo images - could this be an indicator that the pair can makeup and Nate could leave Rebecca's awful ex Rupert and come back to Richmond?

Ted Lasso

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Will Rebecca and Sam get back together?

Fans loved the romantic plot that saw Rebecca match with Sam, a young player on the team, on Bantr (a dating app sponsoring the team). After realising that they had been speaking to each other when they both appeared at a blind date, Rebecca and Sam agreed not to date as it wouldn't appropriate. 

Thankfully, the pair saw sense and began having a secret relationship towards the end of the second season. However, things took a turn when Rebecca's father died and she called off the romance. 

At the end of the second season, Sam was offered another role at another team and was seriously considering leaving. Fortunately, after considering the role and being asked by Rebecca to stay, Sam decides to stay at Richmond.

Ted asks why he decided to stay and Sam said, "I wish I could say it was because of my personal feelings for you. But the truth is I think I need to stop worrying about what others say about me. I'm staying because its whats best for me and my personal journey." Ted then adds, "I think he might have been talking to you, and he was looking at me," which Rebecca hastily agrees with.

This could mean that the pair could rekindle their relationship once more as they are both working at Richmond and are in close proximity once more.

Ted Lasso

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Ted Lasso season 3 is set to begin on Wednesday, March 15, 2023. As the show is an AppleTV+ original, it is only available exclusively on Apple's streaming platform. There will be 12 episodes in the season and they will be on a weekly basis every Wednesday.

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