The shopping hack that lets you buy Zara clothing for less

There is a new Zara shopping hack that allows shoppers to purchase all of their fave clothing items for a much better price

The shopping hack that lets you buy Zara clothing for less
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There is a new Zara shopping hack that will allow fans of the store to buy clothes from there for a discounted price.

If you're a regular Zara shopper, odds are you've heard about that viral Zara sizing hack and the jean sizing hack that took off big time. You probably also heard that we've been using the Zara website wrong all this time and there are nifty tricks that can help you become a better shopper.

Well, the latest hack for Zara fans is an exciting new launch from the brand that promotes both sustainability and thriftiness! 

Zara has now launched a 'pre-owned' part of its website. This is a new element that allows shoppers to buy or resell their Zara products and extend the lifespan of Zara clothing. Shoppers can also donate their clothing if they aren't looking to make money, and also request a repair to their existing clothing.


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Zara Repair means that if you have an issue with an item of your Zara clothing (eg: a missing button or broken zip) you can send it to them, or drop it off in-store and it will be repaired. However, this service does not come free of charge and the price ranges are detailed on their website and range from £3 to £15.

Zara Donate takes place in-store, or you can arrange a home collection. You donate your old Zara clothing and it will be given to local organizations that will decide whether to sell the item in a second-hand store, recycle it, or donated directly to charities. All the proceeds of this help fund charities and social projects.

Zara Resell is a customer-to-customer service, in the style of Depop. The seller can buy or sell Zara items and use the prepaid delivery service so they aren't out of pocket for making a sustainable choice with this Zara clothing.

Zara Resell is the perfect hack for purchasing Zara clothing for a discounted price - plus it's a sustainable choice that means you can shop guilt free!


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Speaking about the thought process behind this new sustainable part of their website, the Zara website reads, "One of the challenges for the textile industry is extending the useful life of garments. With this in mind, we have created pre-owned, a platform to help you extend the life of your Zara clothing."

"As part of our journey towards a more sustainable model, this initiative allows you to repair, resell, or donate your used garments. This is another action taken as part of our commitment to moving towards circularity that encompasses all phases of our activity - from product design to logistics and stores," said the store."As part of our commitment to circularity, we would like to help our customers extend the useful life of our products."

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