Tarotscope May 2023: What do the cards have in store for your star sign this month?

Your May tarotscope, read by expert Tree Carr, combines astrology and tarot cards to help you plan for the month ahead

Tarotscope May 2023 - image of the star card from a tarot deck in the middle of a curcle of tarot cards.
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As I'm writing the tarotscope May 2023, it's hard to believe we're nearly half way through the year. May is officially here and as American naturalist and photographer Edwin Way Teale once said, “all things seem possible in May.” Even the word ‘may’ expresses a wish or a hope. “may you be happy and healthy,” or, “may all your dreams come true.”  It holds the message of intention! When bringing in manifestation and the growth of abundance, it all starts with the simple seed of intention. So MAY it be.

April's cosmic excitement included Mercury retrograde April 2023, the New Moon April 2023, and the solar eclipse April 2023. So you may well be ready for Taurus season 2023 and the fifth month of the year to begin.

The first day of May is traditionally the first day of summer in Ireland and is referred to as Beltane in pagan culture. In Roman times, it was considered the Festival of Flora for the Roman goddess of flowers and incidentally, the month of May is named after Maia, the Roman earth goddess. It all makes sense, as the month of May see’s most of the Northern Hemisphere moving into the blooming of flowers and the awakening of nature.  It is a time of flourishing, embracing the primal life force and joyful celebration.

When it comes to personal development along the life path with the help of an astrological overview, part of the challenge this May is moving into our intentions as we navigate  Mercury retrograde 2023. There can be things in your life that arise as blocks, obstacles, or challenges. Pay attention as these may be areas in your life that the universe is guiding you to shed away. Make room for the new and MAY you move into the new version of yourself. 

It can be helpful to lean into the guidance of  Taurus season 2023 as well as last month’s April Tarotscope 2023 to get an overview of what your soul is currently journeying through. Alongside this, is your May Tarotscope 2023 which will help to blend it altogether with some helpful insights, so I’ve pulled a card for your zodiac sign to help you along the way. Here is your Tarotscope for May 2023!


A tarotscope is simply a tarot reading with a card pulled for each astrological star sign. It’s a bit like a horoscope but with tarot thrown in the mix. I will be pulling one tarot card from the legendary Rider-Waite deck for each and every one of you lovely zodiacal beings. This beautiful and concise deck has 78 cards, made up of minor and major arcana. Each card has a different meaning when it's upside down, or reversed as we say in tarot.

Here's your sign's tarotscope May 2023, read on for your star sign’s forecast.

Your tarotscope May 2023 

tarotscope May 2023 - image of tarot cards on a table with beads.

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Tarot card: Reversed King of Cups

Message: Emotional balance

Hi Aries! The past couple of months, there have been messages from the universe guiding you to take your spiritual side more seriously. Last month, there was a very direct message of spiritual devotion. Here in the month of May, the theme deepens with the reversed King of Cups inviting you to embrace emotional balance. Focus your awareness on the zones of your emotions. Pay attention to your emotional triggers and your repressed feelings and how they impact your daily life and relationships. Dive into your unconscious emotions through, journaling, dreamwork, meditation, hypnotherapy, or speaking with a counselor. Bring them all to the light in order to understand the root cause of your emotions and to move forward into a more balanced version of yourself.

Mantra: ‘I am prioritizing my emotional well-being.’ 


Tarot card: Ten of Wands

Message: Hard work!

Hello Taurus! The recurring theme of self-love is coming up for you in a different way during the month of May. Last month was focused on your emotional self-care and this month we see a prompt toward being mindful of your energetic self-care. Be careful not to burn out with all the hard work and extra responsibilities you have going on at the moment. The great thing about the Ten of Wands is that all the hard work will come to completion but, in the meantime make sure you are not taking on too much of a back-breaking burden! Self-care measures include: saying ‘no’ when you don’t have the capacity for something, delegating some of the responsibilities to others, time management and prioritization. 

Mantra: ‘I am being mindful of my self care through this hard work.’


Tarot card:  Five of Pentacles

Message: Material transitions

Hello Gemini! You MAY find that the month of MAY combined with the Mercury retrograde holds some challenges for you in your material world. Look back to last month’s tarot card guidance as it will also help navigate the Five of Pentacles amidst a Mercury Retrograde. You will need to consciously connect with a positive headset and mood! The Five of Pentacles points towards a challenging financial and material transition. It can be that you are in-between jobs, unemployed, moving house or in a place of material uncertainty. The message of the universe is to know that this too shall pass. Even if you are in a transition that you do not like, know that it is not forever. There will always be a new chapter and new opportunity arising for you. Learn the lessons from this transition. There is wisdom there that will help you as you move forward.

Mantra: ‘The only constant is change.’ 


Tarot card: Reversed Ace of Wands

Message: Delays  

Hello Cancerians! Welcome to the month of May. With a combination of a reversed Ace of Wands along with Mercury retrograde, you MAY find that your journey through frustrating delays around areas in your life that you want to see progress. The most helpful thing to do under this influence is to not get yourself in a fluster. Take a breath and stay chill. The retrograde could be showing you the areas of your life that no longer serve you. Review these areas that keep experiencing blocks or obstacles. Are these things serving you in life? It could also be a matter of waiting until Mercury finishes its retrograde on May 14. Perhaps then you will find that all of your delays will then begin moving forward!

Mantra: ‘I am staying patient through the delays.’


Tarot card: Reversed Knight of Pentacles

Message: Self-discipline

Hi there Leo! You will need to harness the energy of self-discipline this month to push through all the pragmatic and practical responsibilities that you have on the go at the moment. It could be tempting to push it all aside as you enjoy the more social aspects on offer in the month of May but, it’s important to stay on top of money matters, household organization, work structures and general material improvements. You MAY have the additional challenge of Mercury retrograde bringing delays, miscommunications, and frustrations. Stay cool and practice self-discipline in the process. Whatever groundwork you made could materialize into positive results after Mercury finishes its retrograde on May 14. 

Mantra: ‘I am practicing self-discipline.’ 


Tarot card: Eight of Cups

Message: Walking away

Hi there Virgo! You’ve been on quite a journey of self-discovery these past months with a lot of focus on your inner feelings. Last month there was a shift in your external drives and it continues in the month of May. You are becoming more confident and prepared to walk away from something that is no longer working for you. Pay attention to what is happening in your external life during Mercury retrograde, especially around relationships. Perhaps there are some messages there around what is not working. Perhaps it’s time to walk away from the emotionally challenging situation or give it some space. It takes great courage and strength to walk away but if anyone can do it right now it is you. Focus on your self-care:  speaking to a counselor, spending time in nature, spending time in solitude, or booking yourself onto a retreat. 

Mantra: ‘I am walking away and making space for self-care.’ 


Tarot card: Ace of Cups

Message: New love

Hey there Libra! Love is in the air this month of May. Last month there was a prompt about romantic connections that might be worth reviewing as you move forward. The Ace of Cups invites a new chapter of love, compassion, and creativity. You are overflowing with self-love and possibility. Allow yourself to express all things LOVE through expression - from the clothes you wear to engaging in an artful practice.  Dance, sing, and express yourself throughout the month of May. Join a Beltane celebration and connect to the beauty of all of your senses and welcome in the love. 

Mantra: ‘I am stepping into a new chapter of love.’


Tarot card: Reversed Queen of Pentacles

Message: Financial independence

Hey Scorpio, welcome to the month of May! There is a focus on your financial independence this month. The reversed Queen of Pentacles encourages you to create a plan that allows you more autonomy in your financial life. Whether it’s starting your own business, looking for a job that aligns more with your lifestyle, or creating a life-work balance, the key is to make the changes to bring about a more fulfilling and balanced practical life. Our queen also is prompting you towards self-care, specifically care around all things physical health and day-to-day routines. Financial success isn’t necessarily about working hard, it's about working smart.

Mantra: ‘I am taking steps to become more financially independent.’


Tarot card: Reversed Judgement

Message: Self-evaluation

Hello, all of you Sagittarians. You’ve been moving into a new life blueprint these past few months. Just like last month, the universe is highlighting themes of you moving more into your purpose. The reversed Judgement card invites you into a chapter of deep reflection and self-evaluation. Are you aligning with your purpose? Are you ignoring the calls from the universe to step into your calling? If you are engaging in negative self-talk or doubt, allow yourself to release them either through journaling, meditation, or join a release ritual on the Full Moon lunar eclipse on May 5. The universe is sending you synchronicities that are poking you onto your path. Trust!

Mantra: ‘I am stepping into my calling.’  


Tarot card: Chariot

Message: Determination

Hello Capricorn! The past few months have highlighted a message of rest and dedicating time for yourself to think, feel, and process. Hopefully, you leaned into the guidance of last month and are feeling recharged and ready to push ahead. The Chariot is encouraging you to do exactly that! Drive forward with your willpower and determination to push into success. It’s time to take action now! If you are still feeling the need to recharge, allow the time of Mercury retrograde to do that. After May 14, could be an opportune time to push forward, travel or go on a short road trip. For self-care practices - focus on solar plexus meditations, confidence-boosting affirmations, and setting healthy boundaries.

Mantra: 'I am confident and determined.’


Tarot card: Reversed World

Message: Delays

Hey there Aquarius! Well, it aint no surprise to see a reversed World card especially when Mercury retrograde is part of this mix this month of May.  There MAY be delays to travel, projects, and lack of closure around all areas of life during this aspect. But not to worry, it gives you the chance to reflect and re-evaluate what is working and what isn’t working. The universe wants you to trust but also to go with the flow. Let go of frustrations. When the retrograde eases up after May 14, there could be room for closure around anything in your life that feels like it has loose ends. It’s also a better time for a project to complete or to travel. 

Mantra: 'I am trusting the universe for the closure I need.’ 


Tarot card: Reversed Seven of Cups

Message: Make choices through alignments

Hello Pisces! The theme of prioritizing your life balance is continuing this month of May. Last month called for much self-care to bring you back into equilibrium. There is a calling for you to make some choices this month. It could feel quite challenging to make big decisions about your future, especially under the aspect of Mercury retrograde. It might be best to wait until May 14 before you make an important decision. The key here is to make the choices that align with you. In other words, you will feel deeply in your gut that it is the right choice. Your intuition will be on fire! Also, the universe will be sending you many synchronicities to help affirm and support you, helping you to feel confident about making that right choice.

Mantra: ‘I am listening to my intuition and the synchronicities around me to make the right decision.’ 

Tree Carr
Dream guide, death doula, and divinatory guide

Tree Carr is a published author who works in the esoteric realms of dreams, death, and divination. Her published books include 'Conscious Dreamer' and ‘DREAMS: How to Connect With Your Dreams to Enrich Your Life'.

Tree is also a CPD Crossfields Institute Certified Death Doula. Her work as an End of Life Guide involves helping people spiritually, emotionally, existentially and practically at the end of their lives.

As an intuitive empath, she is self-taught in divinatory guidance: The Tarot, Rune Stones and Astrology and has facilitated readings, rituals, classes, and courses spanning a wide variety of esoteric subjects.