Stacey Abrams: everything you need to know about the political campaigner

Stacey Abrams is credited for Democratic wins in Georgia Senate run-off - but who is she?

Stacey Abrams
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On Tuesday 5 January, voters in Georgia wrapped up in their winter coats (opens in new tab) and made their way to the polls. 

The votes have been counted and democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff have both won seats as Senators for Georgia. But it is Stacey Abrams who has been credited for the party's success.

Who is Stacey Abrams?

In November, the democratic party won the election and gained various seats that had previously been considered “deep red” ie: a very strong Republican hold. This included Georgia, which had been a Republican stronghold for decades before the 2020 election. 

Many credit Abrams for turning Georgia blue, due to her tireless campaigning for 10 years in the state and her role as the first black woman to run for Governor of Georgia in 2018. 

Abrams lost out to Republican Brian Kemp by just 50,000 votes. This loss led Abrams to launch a new campaign that would relieve Georgia of voter suppression and encourage the electorate in Georgia to utilize their vote and get to the polls. 

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This grassroots campaign was named the Fair Fight, which aimed to double voter registration in the state of Georgia.

Throughout the Georgia State Runoff, Abrams has continued to encourage voters to get to the polls and ensure that their vote is counted. 

This has been recognised by various democratic supporters, including actress Octavia Spencer who celebrated Abrams' work on her Instagram page. 

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Abrams has also assisted in the provision of helplines so that voter protection can be ensured.

Many American celebrities are following Stacey Abrams lead and encouraging voters in Georgia to show Democratic candidates their support and providing helplines to ensure voter protection. 

Ariana Grande has demonstrated her support for the Democratic Party by urging voters in Georgia to support the democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff for the US Senate run-off.

Grande writes on Instagram: “Georgia! Let’s do this. Make sure you have the voter protection line saved.”

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Similarly, singer Lizzo also posted a video on her Instagram that encouraged voters in Georgia to get down to the polls and cast their votes.

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Many sources are now saying that Stacey Abrams has a big political future ahead of her following this success.

The Indian Times states: “Abrams, who is now being celebrated by many as a voting rights champion, is expected to run for Georgia governor again in 2022. Many in the Democratic Party are rooting for Abrams to become its chairwoman, or take up an important position in the Biden administration.”

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