Pinterest Picks: the 2023 trends to watch out for, from romcom core fashion to the new superfood

80% of Pinterest Predicts annual trend reports have come true over the last three years, so what’s going to be big in 2023?

Pinterest Picks the 2023 trends to watch out for, from fashion to health and beauty
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Forget crystal balls and reading tea leaves – it turns out all you need to look into the future is Pinterest.

In addition to woman&home’s picks of the fashion trends you’ll be wearing next year and the bedroom trends for 2023, Pinterest are able to help guess what people will be interested in and looking for in the new year.

Everybody loves creating their perfect mood boards on Pinterest – be it planning the dream wedding or designing your perfect home – but it turns out the social media site is much more than a fun way of curating the ideal aesthetic.

Love pinterest? here's how they predict the trends using their exclusive data

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Each year, Pinterest uses their exclusive data to predict the biggest trends of the year ahead.

As they explain it, “People come to Pinterest to plan. And because they’re designing everything from daily dinners to milestone moments, we get early signals on what’s coming next. It’s direct insight into what’s likely to be really big, really soon.”

They claim they have correctly guessed 80% of the biggest trends across fashion, food, culture, and design for the last three years, so let’s see what they’re picking for 2023.

Superfoods from the sea

Thanks to the widely reported array of health benefits, in 2023, the health and beauty conscious will turn to vitamins and superfoods from the sea.

Algae and other sea minerals and vitamins could be your new superfoods for health and beauty

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A long-standing staple in Asian cultures, ocean-based foods and minerals – including sea kelp, sea moss, seaweed snacks, and algae - are growing in popularity all over the globe.

Seaweed, including sea moss, is considered one of the best plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for health, and especially so for the heart and cardiovascular system. 

Some studies suggest that seaweed may improve cholesterol balance and act as a blood thinner, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Fixing your crown – scalp treatments and focusing on the roots

“Skinification,” or a focus on the scalp and crown of your head, will be a priority in 2023.

Searches from age groups ranging from Boomers to Gen X show an uptick in care for the scalp, like “scalp treatment” and “clean scalp.”

It’s a shift away from traditional skincare, with more people looking into scalp massages, treatments and products to encourage natural hair growth and promote cleaner, natural solutions to haircare.

People will start treating their scalps with the same detail as their skincare routines

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Romcom core could be the new fashion trend

You’ve heard of coastal grandmother. You witnessed the return of the 90s. Now, romcom core is the aesthetic people will be channelling.

Think slip dresses, tube tops, cargo pants and claw clips. 

This look is an evolution of the Y2K revival, and romcom core will grow from that foundation and take their looks from the most iconic 2000s romcoms, like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 13 Going on 30, While You Were Sleeping and The Wedding Planner.

The older generations will become the party animals

Pinterest search data suggests that Boomers and Gen X are determined to make the most of the present moment, with bigger plans for 50th birthdays, special wedding anniversaries and more.

So, forget the preconceived notions that older people hang up their gladrags – 2023 will be the year celebrations get bigger, better and bolder.

Ditch the tech and fads and go back to posture and strength exercises

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In 2023, people will trade their screens for stretches and their desks for tricep dips.

These primitive, anti-tech workouts invite people to put down their phones and prioritize posture and proper movement, the old fashioned way.

Gen X and Millennials are driving this trend up, with searches like “primal movement” and “neck hump exercises” leading the change.

Old meets new with interior décor

The 2023 trend for your homes will be to honor antiques and heirlooms, finding ways to repurpose what’s old in a way that’s modern-meets-memories.

Pinterest Picks have seen that more people than ever are searching for topics like, “Mixing modern and antique furniture,” “Antique windows repurposed,” “maximalist décor vintage” and “antique room aesthetic.”

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