Piers Morgan criticised after he gives fan a glimpse into messy home

Piers Morgan
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Piers Morgan was criticised after he gave fans a glimpse of his messy home.

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan took to his social media yesterday to share a snap of him and his daughter tuning into a Sunday afternoon football game.

The ITV presenter is an avid supporter of Arsenal football club and was enjoying the game with his daughter Elise.

Sharing a photo of the young girl watching the sports game on his Instagram page, Piers Morgan wrote alongside the snap, ‘Elise not happy with that first half performance. Wants @aubameyang97 to get more of the ball’.

But rather than join Piers’ conversation about the football game, followers were more distracted by the TV star’s messy living room.

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‘Messy house 🤔,’ wrote one follower alongside the photo, while another quipped, ‘Housekeeper needs to tidy up!’.

And a lot of them seemed pretty distrubed by the many wires that could be seen behind the TV, with one writing, ‘Jaysis Piers, the wires from your television are giving me anxiety 😂😂’.

‘I’m not happy with all those untidy wires!!!!😳,’ echoed another, while others added, ‘Your tv/av cable management is appalling!’, ‘Good lord sort out the wires!! 😂’ and ‘Need some order to them wires @piersmorgan’.

And that wasn’t the only thing that eagle-eyed viewers pointed out.

Many of them noticed something quite interesting about the pile of books that Piers had on his coffee table - they were all written by him.

Why have you got 3 copies of your own book? 🤔,’ questioned one perplexed follower, while another jokingly echoed, ‘Why the hell have you got 3 copy of you're own book? Trying to boost up sales 😂😂😂😂’.

Others complemented the star’s clever positioning, writing, ‘Subtle product placement there mate, ‘Product placement alert!! 😂📖📖’, ‘Book strategically placed I see @piersmorgan 😂👍🏻’ and ‘Absolutely perfect product placement right there!!!! 😂’.

And some even poked fun at the star, commenting, ‘Now we know who has bought most of your books!’, ‘So it’s you , that’s buying all those books 😜😜😜’, ‘How many of your new book do you need😂thats one way of making it a best seller😂’ and ‘Look at all that reading material! Did you mention you had a new book out piers? ... must of missed it 😁’.

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