Netflix’s latest show Canine Intervention is a must-watch for dog lovers

Canine Intervention follows dog trainer Jas Leverette on his mission to reform some of the world's toughest dogs

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Does your demanding dog stress you out? Canine Intervention might have the solution. 

The Netflix docuseries, which will launch on February 24th, explores the world of renowned dog trainer Jas Leverette as he helps folks reform the challenging behavior of their pets.

Viewers were treated to a taste of what's to come on in the emotional trailer released yesterday. The ups and downs of caring for a troubled dog were laid out, with many of Jas's clients at their wit's end. 

“She can be the most loving dog, but at the same time, the most violent animal,” one stressed-out dog parent said. 

With an overwhelming number of dogs ending up in shelters every year, Jas’s mission goes far beyond enforcing discipline. He knows well that without intervention, these canine animals won’t make it. 

“It’s time bro. We don’t fix this, this dog is not going to have a long future,” he warns one of his clients. 

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From aggressive big breeds to yappy little mutts, there's no dog that Jas won't help. The Oakland animal communicator brings a wealth of experience to the show, having trained hundreds of family dogs, service dogs, sport dogs, and working law enforcement dogs. 

Each episode follows Jas as he works to improve the relationship between exhausted humans and their difficult dogs. In his specialized training program, he aims to get even the most disobedient dogs to respond to their guardians. 

Jas's approach is so popular that he's even worked with A-lister dogs. His star-studded client list includes comedian Kevin Hart and Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan. His celebrity-approved philosophy stems from his belief in the potential of every dog. 

"It's never the dog's fault. It's always human error," Jas says. 

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