Mercury retrograde September 2022: Chaos in communication, tech, and travel - especially for these signs

Mercury retrograde September 2022: Which star signs will hear from an ex? Whose travel plans will be scuppered? And whose tech will fail?

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Mercury retrograde September 2022 is about to try and destabilize everything you’ve worked so hard to balance. As the planet associated with communication, intellect, memory, and transportation spins backward - how will your star sign be impacted?

Arguably the most famous astrological phenomenon for the digital age, Mercury retrograde September 2022 is here, ready to delete, autocorrect and butt-dial your life into pandemonium. The third of four Mercury retrogrades in 2022, the planet’s reversal during September and October will affect everyone a little differently. 

Remember that this planetary shake up hits bang in the middle of Virgo season 2022, is in full swing. Kicking off only a day before the September Full Moon 2022, also known as the Harvest Moon, there's a heck of a lot of cosmic energy coinciding with this planet's infamous backward spin.

Mercury’s infamy has been slowly gathering pace, first with astrologers and random star-gazers, next with spirituality-adjacent communities and those who love them. It was still kind of niche a year ago. Everything changed in 2021, on October 4. The full global outage of Facebook servers which took down WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger, brought the Mercury retrograde concept to the masses. That was the last time that Mercury went backward in Libra. Mercury is the planet of communication and intelligence, and so the internet is first on its hit list. 

When does Mercury retrograde September 2022 begin?

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Mercury retrograde September 2022 is from September 9 to October 2. It is the third time in 2022, and this time Mercury will retrograde through two of the zodiac signs, first Libra and then Virgo. So ready yourself for Virgo season 2022, which is kicking off with a bang!

It's likely that Mercury retrograde shadow period 2022, which happens a terrifying EIGHT times this year, has already set things into a bit of a tailspin.

Some of the influences of Mercury in retrograde will catch us all the same way. In Libra, a lot of the disruption will be intellectual. Disruptive thoughts, technology failure, and inability to get the point across in conversation will be some of the issues experienced by all. Hearing from people we’ve left behind is also an acute Mercury retrograde phenomenon.

On September 24, Mercury visits through Virgo again, and the difficulties will have more to do with practical matters. Contracts will prove tricky, job interviews will get canceled at short notice and we’ll be losing stuff left, right, and center.

Important dates for Mercury retrograde September 2022

  • August 20 – The Mercury retrograde shadow period, prior to the actual retrograde, begins. Mercury enters the portion of the sky which it will cover forwards, then backward, then forwards again. A mist of misunderstandings and questions starts to descend.
  • September 9 – Here we go. Mercury has gone retrograde, time save everything to the cloud and hope for the best.
  • September 24 – Mercury leaves Libra. As it is retrograde, meaning going backward, it enters the previous sign, Virgo. This sign would normally be very sensible, headed squarely forward. The retrograde is confusing at the time of Virgo, casting best-laid plans aside, and creating chaos at every opportunity. Missed dentist appointments, letters going to the wrong address, and concert tickets booked but never arrive.
  • October 2 – Hurrah! You made it. The Mercury retrograde itself is over, and you can start to piece your tech back together and apologize for any offense taken. But the retrograde period isn’t completely over until Mercury goes back to exactly where it was in the heavens when the retrograde started, which is the post-retrograde shadow period. It’s time to analyze what happened and why.
  • October 11 – Mercury is back in Libra, the sign it was in when the retrograde started, the whole thing is nearly over.
  • October 17 – The shadow period after the Mercury retrograde is done. You survived and can be very proud of yourself. Nothing further to report until the next Mercury retrograde, December 29.

How Mercury retrograde September 2022 affects each star sign

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Read on to discover how Mercury retrograde September 2022 will affect you, depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun sign moon sign, or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.


You’re an honest and direct speaker at the best of times, Aries – and this is part of your charm, everyone loves your one-liners and no-nonsense take on local and global events. But as the retrograde glides through elegant Libra, inelegance is a given, and your normally hilarious hot-takes might come across much more cruel than intended. The influence of sensible Virgo is reversed as well, which means your words aren’t even taken as truth, and your observational jokes appear stale and unnecessary. Take care to express yourself in a heartfelt way, not one joke after the other. And don’t take other people’s jokes to heart, we’re all in this together. Your pride at always getting places last-minute can take a back seat, as well. Travel disruptions mean you could find yourself arriving on the train platform a minute late instead of a minute early, which is a very different experience.


You’re a quiet and measured speaker and writer, and so you feel that the speedy energy of Mercury won’t get to you, Taurus. But you’re in for a surprise. Your love of the home and decorating your elegant indoor space will be questioned during the Mercury retrograde in Libra, and your new furniture might not fit the way you expect it to, or it might not even arrive at all when you order it! Ordering things online, which is a staple for a homebody like yourself, will experience further disruption as the retrograde progresses through Virgo. You could find yourself filling all your details correctly, only to find that the ‘Buy now’ button won’t click. Your financial goals will appear a little out of reach, which causes you personal anxiety, as you take such good care to keep yourself economically stable, but fear not, as the retrograde is over, so will your money worries.


Your existential worries are always bubbling under the surface, Gemini. For a sign that’s so comfortable on stage and screen, you do question your very being often. As Mercury moves backward through Libra, which is an air sign like you, those thoughts and worries play a bigger part in your plans. You love flying by the seat of your pants, and you rely on random opportunities and phone calls out of the blue to propel you forward. As the retrograde casts its shadow, those phone calls are increasingly pointless, and progress is slowed down to a crawl. Take a break to think about exactly where you want to get in life, because if you don’t know where you’re going, how are you ever going to get there? As the retrograde continues through Virgo, with whom you share a ruling planet – Mercury, you feel a little less unstable. Sure, you lose important documents, and the friend who promised you a ride never turns up, but to be truthful – you were expecting it. Dependable and reliable people freak you out a bit anyway. Your off-the-cuff approach to life works well in crazy situations. You’re well prepared.


You like being organized and having your life follow a predictable path, Cancer, so get ready for some surprises. The beginning of Mercury retrograde September 2022 is in Libra, which is a gentle and home-loving sign like you, so those backward energies really hit you where it hurts. Family members let you down, your new oven refuses to engage when you get your bake on, and the retrograde swallows up all your comfort activities and spits them back out. As Mercury moves into Virgo, it’s then the more practical side of life that gets mixed up. And you’re used to that because you find the practical side of life to be a bit much anyway. So when your password changes itself of its own accord, or when the neighbors turn up for your barbecue a day early, you don’t sweat it. You’re ready for those kinds of errors, with your little password book and your emergency rations in the freezer.


You hate for anything to cramp your style, Leo. People look up to you and see you as an inspiration, which can be very stressful for a normal week. During the Mercury retrograde, when everyone is more easily distracted and you pull your shadow out of your makeup bag, thinking it’s lipstick, that adds an extra layer of doubt to your constant self-scrutiny. Being prepared is no magic solution here, Leo, because the retrograde grabs you when you least expect it. As Mercury moves backward through Libra, the main victim is elegance, so go with the flow, embrace your less-elegant, not-so-well-put-together side, and run with it. People are inspired by authenticity and realism! Mercury retrograde in Virgo brings fresh challenges, syntax errors, and membership cards being declined. It’s a good time for you to take a little break from it all and give yourself permission to relax for a change.


Ever ready for every eventuality, you live life as if anything may retrograde tomorrow, Virgo. All your files are backed up, emergency contacts on speed dial, and bills are up to date, so how can this Mercury retrograde even think it can trip you up? With people, that’s how. When Mercury is retrograde in Libra, it pulls up the messier people from your past. Your kind heart has allowed some absolute shockers into your inner circle, and although you’ve got rid of them in your inimitable no-nonsense yet sensible style, they’re now finding their way back. The Virgo portion of the retrograde gets you face to face with those who’ve seen you through the awkward stage. Old teachers, friends’ parents, and even your own elderly tribe members. They pinch your cheek and remind you how you used to struggle to pronounce the letter S.


Not your favorite time of year, Libra, the Mercury retrograde takes a peek beyond the veil and exposes your worst beliefs about yourself. Self-belief is a big thing for you, and you’ve worked hard emotionally and mentally to overcome impostor syndrome. Mercury retrograde in your sign brings all those negative beliefs roaring right back. Your judgmental side is potentially your least attractive personality trait, and self-judgment hits the hardest. Prepare for this retrograde by curating screenshots of compliments, business reviews, and payment notices from proud family members, friends, and clients who think you’re the best. You’ll need their belief in you to buoy you during this time. You’ll be jolted again into negative self-talk when Mercury hits Virgo, as you’ll suddenly recall a very valid memory of a failure, and you’ll dig and dig into it until you truly believe it defines you. Failure does not define, you, nor does success, for that matter – go back to those screenshots and schedule an at-home spa experience, to recalibrate.


You’re a suspicious person at the best of times, Scorpio, always prepared for any unexpected misfortune. Mercury retrograde is almost a time of relief, therefore, because you’re vindicated. All your prophecies of doom become a reality, and travel disruption or a store chain shutting down, are no longer threats that your brain makes without merit, but actual real things that happen in the physical world. The Libra portion of Mercury retrograde September 2022 is more about the intellect, ideas, and political movements that you’ve long warmed against, gaining traction and you’re not the least bit surprised. Then as Mercury is retrograde through Virgo, the practicalities of living through the end of times start to surface, and again, you’re ready. You pull the canned goods and emergency book out of the cupboard and isolate yourself until you feel better.


The most free-spirited of all the Zodiac, you do not love Mercury retrograde, Sagittarius. You rely on your ability to take fast action. Be it getting on a ferry or booking a fancy dinner for six, you want to be able to live out your fantasies moment by moment. With the Mercury retrograde, you’re more likely to organize that gathering when the restaurant is closed for an event, or schedule that trip during a plague of locusts. Libra’s intellectual influence as Mercury passes backwards through it causes you to want to look into reasons for past failures, and in the epic ups and downs of Sagittarius mood swings, you could find yourself shifting from hearty giggles to bitter tears over the course of the afternoon. Virgo’s sensible influence while Mercury retrogrades through this sign helps you find inner balance despite the unexpected setbacks. The disruptions are still annoying, but under Virgo, they don’t feel as personal.


You don’t really have a plan B, Capricorn. Life has to go your way, or it’s the highway. This is no time to be inflexible because Mercury retrograde through Libra will challenge you to roll with the punches. You enjoy all the mundane aspects of work life, and for this reason, every Mercurial challenge will feel extra personal. Colleagues breaking the rules, bosses ignoring punitive measures, contracts being abandoned, and all with disastrous outcomes. You despise them all and struggle to find balance. Mercury retrograde in Libra is bad enough, with imbalance as the key to the whole experience. Mercury retrograde in Virgo really pushes you to despair though, because that’s the time that illogical mistakes take place, and computing systems develops a mind of their own. Errors that can’t be explained plague your every working day. But it will be over soon and you’ll be back to your perfect self.


You’re not one for routines and rules, Aquarius, so the time of Mercury retrograde might not be as challenging for you as for some others. Mercury retrograde in Libra throws people off balance, messing up their tech and putting them in legal jeopardy. But for you, who cares not for balance, does it really matter? Your relationship with tech is one of mutual distaste, and your legal profile is impeccable. So when confusion can’t upset you, the only way Mercury can get to you is via hostages. When you observe that your nearest and dearest are unhappy because their lives are thrown off balance, you step in, desperate to rescue them and this is how the Mercury retrograde causes you unease. Virgo is a communicative sign, and so when the Mercury retrograde passes through Virgo, conversations become difficult, and you can sense that a friend wants to tell you something, but they feel unable to. This friendship is important, so persevere. The retrograde will be over, and the friendship will prevail. 


You love getting along with people and hate discord, Pisces, so this period of missed communication and verbal and technological hardship always gets you in the feels. During Mercury retrograde in Libra, you feel a lot of frustration due to the unfeeling nature of the retrograde missteps. Sending the wrong message to the wrong person, thus making them feel like you don’t value them – that’s your idea of a nightmare. The Virgo portion of Mercury retrograde September 2022 is no better, as you try to explain your actions, but your sensible explanations fall on deaf ears. Your biggest source of worry is ending up with no friends or loved ones, alone. The Mercury retrograde makes you feel as if this may actually happen. Remember how awesome you are, and ignore the callous way that your brain interprets the events of the Mercury retrograde. No lasting damage is likely to occur. 

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