Blue Mascara
Blue Mascara
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You may have just mastered the on-trend smoky eye, but Maybelline's latest (re)release is going to bring back a makeup trend you thought had been firmly left in the 80s. Blue mascara is back.

After hundreds of comments on Maybelline's website pleading for a re-launch of Maybelline's Great Lash mascara in Royal Blue, the line has been relaunched.

One coloured lash fan received nearly 300 upvotes on her comment on the Maybelline site, which read: "I have been using Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue mascara since 1975 ... I am begging you to reconsider production of Royal Blue Mascara for the benefit of your long-time customers."

It seems her wishes have finally been answered, as the mascara line will be widely available from January next year.

There was a teaser of this coveted mascara, which was discontinued in 2011, at New York Fashion Week in February. Models were seen with a flash of cobalt blue around their eyes in a show by Jason Wu – the fashion designer behind a number of Michelle Obama’s dresses. According to a Maybelline publicist, the designer is said to have procured one of ‘maybe two’ tubes in circulation worldwide at the time, with the entire make up team having to share one tube (and fresh wands). [instagram]

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A number of lucky US based fans have been sent testers of the Royal Blue Maybelline Great Lash mascara after a collaboration between Maybelline and Influenster, a US reviewing site. They have demonstrated a number of sleek looks that incorporate the mascara in different ways. [twitter]

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[/twitter] The mascara can be teamed with bright neon eyeshadow, worn just on the bottom lashes, teamed with an on-trend smokey eye or with a simple grey eyeliner to name but a few different looks, so you won’t have to go all out with an 80s frosted eyeshadow any time soon.