Line of Duty cast's unexpected Bridgerton crossover revealed

The Line of Duty cast has some serious talent...

DI Kate Fleming and DI Steve Arnott in BBC's Line of Duty
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The brilliant Line of Duty cast is one of the reasons we can’t stop watching and now fans have been astounded after spotting a familiar face from Netflix’s equally binge-able hit, Bridgerton.

We might find ourselves focusing on the likes of Superintendent Ted Hastings, DI Kate Fleming, and DI Steve Arnott, but there are more than a few minor characters worth keeping an eye on too. Especially if you’re as eager as we are to get one step closer to solving the ultimate mystery - who is H in Line of Duty

With the prospect of finally getting the answer we’ve been waiting for in Line of Duty season 6, there’s never been a better time to settle back on your best pillow and get up to speed on all you might have missed. 

This is something some observant fans have been doing and they've uncovered something pretty surprising...

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What is the Line of Duty/Bridgerton crossover?

It’s easy to think that Line of Duty and Netflix’s smash hit period drama, Bridgerton, have very little in common, but they have more similarities than you imagine. 

After all, both have a key central mystery surrounding a character’s real identity: H in Line of Duty and the intriguing Lady Whistledown in Bridgerton.

And perhaps even more excitingly, there is also crossover between the Line of Duty and Bridgerton cast!

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Which Line of Duty cast member appears in Bridgerton?

The Line of Duty cast has been excellent throughout the seasons, but for those who’ve made it to Line of Duty season 4, you might just recognize actor Claudia Jessie. 

She played Detective Constable Jodie Taylor, who worked with DCI Roz Huntley who AC-12 was investigating. 

Claudia Jessie in BBC's Line of Duty

(Image credit: BBC)

Claudia may have only appeared in one season here, but as headstrong Eloise Bridgerton in the Netflix period drama, she looks set to entrance us on screen for many seasons to come.

As a key figure investigating Lady Whistledown in Bridgerton, it’s also fitting that she previously played a DC, with one fan Tweeting: ‘Eloise from Bridgerton clearly picked up her detective skills working for a bent DCI in Line of Duty too.’

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‘I have only just twigged that Eloise Bridgerton is also Jodie from Line of Duty. Yes, that Jodie in Season 4. Well done, Claudia Jessie’ another wrote.

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Whilst another viewer also referenced the other cast crossovers they’d noticed: ‘Rewatched line of duty from start to finish. Can’t believe how much of the Bridgerton cast are in it throughout. Cannot wait for next week bring on series 6 ! #LineofDuty6’.

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And they’re right as it’s not just Claudia who made the Line of Duty/Bridgerton crossover. 

Polly Walker, who plays Baroness Featherington in Bridgerton, was also crafty Gill Biggeloe and gave us one of the most heart-stopping season finales ever on Line of Duty.

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This has not gone unnoticed by another fan who Tweeted: ‘Gill from Line of Duty is in Bridgerton and it's proving impossible to see her character as anything other than a complete wrong 'un.’

Polly Walker in BBC's Line of Duty

(Image credit: BBC)

Whilst Portia Featherington sometimes enjoys some scheming, surely she won’t be reaching the deceptive heights of Line of Duty’s Gill?

Either way, with Bridgerton season 2 filming and potential for a Line of Duty season 7, we can’t wait to see what other cast members might crossover in the future...

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