Line of Duty fans one step closer to solving the mystery of H’s identity as they spot hidden clue

The latest episode had this potential tell-tale sign in the background

Adrian Dunbar in BBC's Line of Duty
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Line of Duty fans are eager to uncover the answer to the hit drama’s ultimate mystery and now it seems they might be one step closer to the truth. 

As all viewers will know, there’s one very important question that has remained unsolved throughout recent seasons – who is H in Line of Duty? Despite many fans settling down with their best pillow and blanket to carefully re-watch episodes and ensuring they are up to speed on the series so far, it’s not proved easy to unravel this mystery. 

And after Line of Duty Season 6 began with a serious twist, we’re more drawn in than ever before to the AC-12’s attempts to get to the bottom of things. While Superintendent Ted Hastings, DI Kate Fleming, and DI Steve Arnott continue to investigate in the show, fans have been making their own deductions at home.

Now the latest episode of Line of Duty might just have dropped a very subtle hidden clue in the background of a scene – and fans have been quick to spot this potential tell-tale sign... 

Warning: spoilers ahead!

What is the potential clue to H’s identity in Line of Duty?

In a scene in Line of Duty’s latest episode, fans saw DI Steve Arnott visit Steph Corbett, the widow of John Corbett, an undercover officer who was killed last season. The pair talk in Steph’s kitchen, which might not in itself seem significant, but now some eagle-eyed viewers have spotted an unusual pattern in the tiles behind Steve.

While it could of course be a complete coincidence and not an intentional hint to viewers, there appears to be a selection of patterned tiles that resemble the letter ‘H’ among the white tiles that line the wall. 

Either way, fans were quick to take to Twitter, with one Tweeting: “There was a H in Steph Corbett’s kitchen tile. Is this a clue? #LineofDuty.”

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#LineOfDuty – H tile in her house as well,” another wrote, while a fellow fan declared: “Could be massively overthinking this, but... Have we found H #LineOfDuty.” 

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Someone else even wondered whether the pattern and the letters on the nearby whiteboard could be connected, stating: “Someone needs to decode what these letter means because it’s way too high up for kids to move and the H on the far left kitchen tile very sus  #LineOfDuty.” 

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If the supposed ‘H’ tile pattern does turn out to be a hidden clue, it’s not yet clear what exactly it’s suggesting.

It could perhaps be that the mysterious corrupt police officer known only as ‘H’ that AC-12 have been trying to identify is linked to Steph Corbett in some way. Or perhaps Steve’s positioning in front of the tiles is a hint in itself.

With no way of knowing, we’ll just have to sit back and enjoy the rest of Line of Duty Season 6 until the drama gives us the answer we’ve all been waiting for. 

We can’t wait!

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