Fans react on social media as Kirstie Allsopp encourages women not to wear tights in June

Kirstie Allsopp

Kirstie Allsopp has faced some backlash after sharing a tounge-in-cheek comment about women wearing tights in summer.

On her Twitter, she wrote a post suggesting that women shouldn't wear tights in June to get some essential vitamin D into their bodies.

Kirstie wrote, 'It’s June, yet on the tube today many women were wearing thick black tights - Ladies it’s called Vitamin D it’s important for our health, ditch the denier.'

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But the Location, Location, Location star's fans weren't happy, with many commenting to make the point that despite it being June, it's still pretty chilly outside.

One hit back, 'It may be June but it’s chilly. I’ll be keeping my tights on thank you.'

As another said, 'Yesterday was torrential rain all day. I'm in a woolly jumper because it's freezing in my air conditioned office! Most people are commuting to work, not lolling about in sunshine (or lack of it) all day.'

And a third wrote, 'I'm back in leggings under my dresses. Too cold for me!'

After sharing the Tweet however, Kirstie made it clear to fans that her advice was meant as nothing more than a tounge-in-cheek quip, and more of a light-hearted comment than anything else.

Responding to some of the more angry comments, she said, 'I love Twitter’s ability to go Zero humour in a matter of minutes.'

But Kirstie's message actually seems to have sparked an interesting and important debate, with many explaining that aircon inside their frequented buildings has them reaching for extra layers.

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When one of her followers complained that it was 'arctic inside', Kirstie replied, 'Not wanting to head back to tights chat but this has been a worryingly frequent comment. “Freezing” outside yet we seem to be spending £ & 🌍 on aircon which is so often totally unnecessary in the UK with the right design/architecture.'

Elaborating further, she said, 'I’m sure @EnergySvgTrust and @thecarbontrust have advice on optimum temperature for office A/C, great to be the one that sorts out the freezing office and helps the 🌍'.

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