'Why do people feel the need to disinfect their homes?': Kirstie Allsopp sparks debate with divisive opinion on cleaning

Kirstie Allsopp

Location, Location, Location, host Kirstie Allsopp has sparked a heated debate on Twitter over the use of disinfectant cleaning products.

The 47-year-old property expert kicked off the discussion when talking about air fresheners, revealing that she wehemently dislikes them and doesn't agree with their use.

After some comments back from Twitter users, Kirstie shared her opinion that there is also no reason to 'disinfect our homes' with antibacterial products.

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Later, she took particular aim at Zoflora, a potent disinfectant made famous by Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch.

Questioning the need for such cleaning products, she wrote, 'Why do people feel the need to “disinfect” their homes? Our home is not a hospital, it's not harbouring super bugs, it's tidy and clean and well aired, but going round cleaning imaginary "bad" bugs is just weird, and bad science.'

Some of her followers appeared unhappy with Kirstie's comments, with one arguing that, for them, it's an essential part of home maintenance.

They wrote, 'I am definitely not one of those that spends everyday cleaning but personally think it doesn’t hurt to disinfect and give your house a good cleaning every so often. Splashing a bit of water is not going to get rid of salmonella, sickness bugs and bad grime and dirt! 🤢'

While another said, 'I’m Paranoid my house stinks of dog! Opening a window doesn’t do the job unfortunately. it’s more about freshening up the house rather than getting rid of all germs. For me anyway x x'.

Responding to a fan, Kirstie herself continued, arguing that having some dirt is 'essential', and that overcleaning could be especially damaging to the environment and our health.

She said, 'I’ve been in a world where there is no earthly reason to “disinfect” our home. Where I know that some dirt is really essential, and where I see an increasing number of people with life limiting neurosis about “germs”, I’d also like to keep this earth the way it is!’

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After seeing various comments from fans defending the use of disinfectant products, Kirstie admitted it was 'terrifying' to hear.

The property expert said, 'I am being introduced to a whole new world today and it is TERRIFYING.

'I am notoriously clean & tidy, always have been, it has never occured to me to use any of these vile anti-bacterial products. One quick google search tells anyone what dangerous snake oil is being peddled.'

In more comments, Kirstie went on to argue that anti-bacterial products can be damaging for both our health and the environment - and many more fans agreed with her.

One said, 'I prefer to just wipe everything with hot water, it kills germs but doesn’t leave a nasty residue. I worry this stuff will create superbugs', while another fan commented 'Just look at the warnings on the back - don’t breath in, don’t contact with skin, keep away from children, dangerous to aquatic life - why would you want that in your house?!'

Kirstie's comments are certainly at odds with the likes of Mrs Hinch, who has inspired many people around the world to scrub their homes clean with a whole host of products. So who do you agree with?

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