Phil Spencer discusses the end of Location, Location, Location

Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp's Location, Location, Location is arguably one of the best-loved property shows on TV.

But as with most popular TV shows, after decades on screen, questions will inevitably arise over the future of the programme.

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And now, property expert Phil has opened up about the end of Location Location, Location, revealing that he and co-host Kirstie would need to make the decision together, if ever discussions about it ending come up.

But thankfully, it doesn't seem as if the house-hunting show is going anywhere anytime soon - phew!

In an interview with the Express, Phil revealed when asked about the end of the show, "We say if people keep watching it, we will keep making it,

“But it would very much be a joint decision.”

The 49-year-old also revealed that 2019 marks the show's 20th anniversary on TV, which marks the achievement of a "personal ambition" for Phil. He also hinted that they make do something special to celebrate the milestone.

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He said, “This year’s our 20th year, and we are at the very moment developing ideas in in terms of how to celebrate it, to mark the occasion on screen.

“I’ve been saying for quite a long time I’d love to get to 20 years, that has been a real personal ambition of mine.”

Popular presenter Phil Spencer also confessed that despite their on-screen bickering, he and Kirstie actually are as good a friends off screen as they appear on the show.

“It’s great fun working together. I really mean that, we are great friends," he admitted.

Location, Location, Location will return to filming this Spring, when Kirstie and Phil will continue to dig out the best homes for chain-free buyers around the UK.

We don't know about you, but we can't wait for its return!

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