Judy Murray Gets Her First Tattoo At 57 - And We Bet You Can't Guess The Design!


Judy Murray, mother to tennis stars Andy Murray and Jamie Murray, has joined the likes of Judi Dench and Helen Mirren, getting her first ever tattoo in later life.She decided to get the marking to celebrate the launch of her autobiography,Knowing the Score.

Judy's in good company - severalgrown-up women are choosing to get tattooslater in life. Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon and Susan Kennedy are just a few of the celebrities who've opted for an inking in their 50s and 60s.

Judy went to get inked three weeks ago, but we've just got the details on her choosen design, and we have a feeling it might surprise you...

No delicate flowers, intricate designs or subtle typography for Judy. Instead she oped for a large black spider to be tattooed on the nape of her neck.

Speaking to the Telegraph,Judy explained: "I've always wanted a tattoo and a spider seemed perfect. I wanted it somewhere I couldn't see it; just knowing it's there is enough."

The nation's most famous sporting mother wanted to pay a tribute to the ancient ledgend of Robert the Bruce's indefatigable spider, who refused to accept failure.The spider's determination reflects her own persistence when it came to helping her sons achieve their sporting successes.

Judy added: "I wrote this book to share my experience. There is no manual out there for parents to help them negotiate this path."

Judy spoke about the lengths she went to help her boys become professional sportsmen. She said: "Individual sports are a real slog and you have to pay for everything; that's how I learned how to do tax returns in three countries, trained as a massage therapist and took a course in media management. We just didn't have the money for professionals."

All of Judy's efforts have definitely paid off. The World Number 1, Andy, turned 30 last month and has achieved an incredible three Grand Slam victories. He was knighted earlier this year and is busy preparing for this year's Wimbledon competition.His brother Jamie has an OBE, three gran Slam wins and a Davis Cup to his name.

The boys have undoubtedly done very well, but sounds like they couldn't have done it without the help of their mum.

Jessica Ransom

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