J-Lo fans and celebs divided as Halftime star changes name to ‘Jennifer Affleck’ – 'It makes zero sense'

Jennifer Lopez plans to take the last name of her new husband, Ben Affleck, according to the newlyweds' marriage licence

Jennifer Lopez changes name to ‘Jennifer Affleck’ and fans are divided
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Jennifer Lopez has changed her last name after marrying Ben Affleck, prompting a divisive reaction from the American superstar's fans and fellow celebrities. 

The 52-year-old could be known as 'J-Aff' any day now – and the public isn't sure what to think. 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck married at a private ceremony in Las Vegas on Saturday, nearly two decades after canceling their 2003 engagement and going their separate ways. The intimate service was witnessed by the Halftime star's mother and two children, with plans for a proper celebration reportedly taking place in a few weeks in Georgia. 

A Nevada marriage licence obtained by the A-list couple one day before the wedding has revealed that Jennifer plans to take Ben's last name, which has Scottish origins, once they are legal spouses. She also signed off as 'Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck' in a newsletter about the nuptials for her adoring fans, suggesting that she's already embraced the Good Will Hunting star's surname. 

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The decision has garnered quite the divisive reaction online, with some folks seemingly upset by J-Lo's sudden identity change. 

Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan even took to Twitter to express her confusion, calling the name change particularly baffling considering the weight of Jennifer's celebrity moniker. 

"Changing your name makes very little sense to me, but makes ZERO SENSE AT ALL when your name is Jennifer Lopez and you are J-Lo, Jenny from the Block, and you rode the 6 day and night to grow that name but ok, Jen Affleck…" the Duchess star wrote. 

Not everyone agreed, however, with Katherine's take on the matter. 


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"She never said she’s changing her name professionally like..? JLo is her brand and she’ll always be JLo. She simply changed her legal/personal name which most ppl do when they get married. It’s her prerogative either way and nothing to be pressed about," one person replied. 

Others raised concerns that Jennifer's name change could cause her to become more associated with Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck's ex-wife. The Hollywood couple was married from 2005 to 2018, during which time Garner reportedly went by 'Jennifer Affleck' outside of her professional life. 

"If you Google Jen Affleck everything that comes up is about Jennifer Garner....double awkward," one person pointed out. 

For longtime followers of J-Lo, this name change shouldn't come as much of a surprise. 


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During a Dateline interview about her upcoming wedding to Ben in 2003, the Maid in Manhattan star confirmed that she would "obviously" go by Jennifer Affleck once they had married. She also said that all her stationery would be printed with her married name, and even joked that she might ditch the 'Lo' suffix of her nickname. 

'J-Aff' she noted, "doesn't have quite the same ring to it, but you've gotta make sacrifices."

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