Jennifer Lopez shuts down sexist interview question in Halftime documentary trailer with savage one-liner

Jennifer Lopez has the perfect response to an inappropriate question about her body in a trailer for her new Netflix documentary

Jennifer Lopez shuts down sexist interview in Halftime trailer
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A new Jennifer Lopez documentary includes footage of the American entertainer being asked a deeply sexist question – and shutting it down with the perfect one-liner. 

The official trailer for Halftime, an upcoming Netflix film focusing on J-Lo's preparation for her 2020 Superbowl performance, dropped on Wednesday – and by the looks of it, fans can expect an unusually candid insight into the A-lister's incredible life. 

The dramatic teaser features clips of Jennifer practicing dance routines and tirelessly working out, as well as shots of her posing on red carpets and tearing up the world stage. Her hopes of an Oscar nomination for her role in Hustlers are also explored, along with archive footage of the media ridiculing her acting and vocal talent over the past few decades. 

There are also a few peeks into her family domain, including footage of her 14-year-old daughter Emme and a cameo of her doting fiancé, Ben Affleck, as well as a fashion show's worth of stellar outfits. (We're still drooling over Jennifer's entirely tartan outfit and those Timberlands she wore on date night with Ben). 

Perhaps one of the most shocking parts of Halftime's trailer, however, is its throwback to Jennifer being asked a highly inappropriate question during a 2002 interview. 

In the short clip, former Access Hollywood correspondent Billy Bush makes a strange comment about the Maid in Manhattan star's body – before uttering an even stranger question. 

"People have raved about it for years,” he says. “How do you feel about your butt?”

Unsurprisingly, the sexist query didn't land well with the straight-talking New Yorker. 

"Are you kidding me? You did not just ask me that," Jennifer replies, only for Billy to buckle down on his rudeness. "I did." 

In the full interview, the Jenny from the Block singer reacts in total bafflement before redirecting the focus onto an entirely different subject. 

"I feel like I'm insane," she says, looking to the side. "I'm dreaming. Billy Bush did not just ask me that question." She then invites her 11-year-old co-star, Tyler Posey, who plays her on-screen son in Maid in Manhattan, into the room, and dares Billy to ask again. 

Spoiler alert – he kept his mouth shut this time. 

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