How to watch the Oscar's Best Picture for free this weekend

The Oscar's Best Picture award was given to the film CODA but how can you watch this Academy Award winning film for free?

Oscar's Best Picture
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The Oscar's Best Picture Award was given to the film CODA and people are desperate to watch this emotional film that has garnered huge critical acclaim. 

CODA is an Apple Original Film that premiered in August 2021and on Sunday, March 27, 2022, it was awarded the Best Picture Award by Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli, in an emotional hosting debut that left viewers in tears.

Since winning the award for Best Picture at the Oscars 2022, this film has earned a huge amount of interest from movie lovers who are desperate to see this heart-warming film about a young woman who loves to sing but this career path pulls her apart from her deaf family.

So how can you watch this Oscar film for free this weekend? Here are some tips from us, plus some more information about this incredible film.


(Image credit: Apple TV)

How to watch CODA the Oscar's Best Picture

The film CODA is an Apple Original Film, which means that it is only available to view if you have access to Apple TV. However, there is a way around this paywall if you are unsure you want to subscribe to the streaming platform to watch this film.

Apple TV+ allows users to subscribe to the platform for seven free days before paying a monthly subscription of £4.99 per month. This means that so long as you cancel your subscription to the site before the week-long trial period you can watch it for free. A three-month subscription to Apple TV+ is also available for those who purchase a new Apple device.

What is CODA about?

CODA is an emotional film that focuses on the life of Ruby who is a CODA (Child of deaf adults). As the only hearing person in her home, issues arise when Ruby's passion for singing becomes more serious and she joins her high school choir. As her parents rely on her in various ways, Ruby then becomes conflicted by her dreams and her family obligations. 

The film had its original world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival where Apple acquired its distribution rights. Reportedly Apple broke festival records by paying $25 million for the rights to stream CODA on its platform. The previous highest figure paid at Sundance was the 2020 film Palm Springs which was purchased for $17,500,000.69 by Hulu and indie distributor Neon.

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