How to watch Locked Down starring Anne Hathaway, from anywhere in the world

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Locked Down
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Time to wrap yourself in your comfiest blanket, pour yourself a big glass of wine, and settle in to watch the first (of what is likely to be many) movies that are set during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

A new film starring Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor has been released today. The film called Locked Down, focuses on a couple and their extreme solution to remedy their lockdown dilemma.

Anne Hathaway neatly summarised the plot in an Instagram post titled 'Break up, Break Down, Break In'.

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How to get started?

1. First off, you need to make sure you have a HBO subscription so you can log in once your VPN is set up.

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Locked Down

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What is the film about?

The film touches on many of the frustrations that concerned us during the first lockdown; toilet roll hoarding, furlough, day drinking, and boredom. The central couple appears to struggle with these challenges as they continue to live together despite fractures in their relationship.

The film quickly takes a twist as it becomes a diamond heist movie where the couple must break into Harrods.

Many fans love this twist and are questioning, ‘What would Miranda Priestly say?’ This is of course a reference to Anne Hathaway’s role as Andy in The Devil wears Prada against Meryl Streep who played the iconic role of fashion magazine editor, Miranda Priestly. 

Fans of The Devils Wear Prada insist that Miranda Priestly would not be impressed with her former PA’s latest antics, as Harrods is a hallowed epicenter for London shopping. 

This role for Hathaway is reminiscent of her recent role in the diamond heist movie Oceans 8, where she played actress turned high-stakes thief, Daphne Kluger. 

The cast of Locked Down includes Mindy Kaling, Ben Kingsley and Stephen Merchant all featuring as characters in the movie. 

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