How to keep flowers fresh—TikTok hacks to help you get the most from your bouquet

Learn how to keep flowers fresh and get the most from your bouquet so you can enjoy cut flowers for longer—with these genius hacks

How to keep flowers fresh: Bouquet of wild flowers in vase in a garden.
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Wondering how to keep flowers fresh? Well today's your lucky day because with these excellent TikTok hacks, your cut flowers will look blooming fabulous for far longer!

Nothing marks an occasion quite like a lovely bunch of flowers. Be it a treat for your birthday, Mother's Day, a bunch of Valentine's Day flowers, or just because—keeping things as fresh as possible is an absolute must.

Although there are lots of different tips online, according to the experts you should really ask your florist how best to keep your bunch fresh as a daisy.

Vicky Salmon from Interflora says that some methods suggested on social media may actually have an adverse effect on your blooms. 

Vicky explains, "Tips and tricks for making your flowers last longer far pre-date TikTok, and we've tested most of them."

One example she flags is vinegar, which some claim is a miracle product to keep things fresh. "Adding vinegar to the water may actually have an adverse effect," she says, "as differing pH levels may damage your flowers. Instead, we recommend flower food, which is full of the right nutrients and will keep bacteria at bay, keeping your bouquets looking fresh for longer."

The best flower delivery services will obviously supply flower food, but maybe you feel like trying something a little different? 

Remove foliage from under water


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By removing any foliage from below the waterline, you stop the chance of any leaves rotting in the water. 

This means your bunch of flowers can stay fresher for longer, and you can avoid horrible murky water in your vase too.

Change the water every 1 to 2 days


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It might seem obvious but it still needs to be mentioned—changing the water every couple of days, or even every day if you can, will keep your flowers looking and smelling great.

Add a penny


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Florist and TikTok creator, @growersdirectflowers, shared their clever and unusual way to keep your flowers looking healthy—a penny! Or any copper coin at all.

All you need to do is pop it into the vase your flowers are in, alongside the water of course. Seemingly the coin works as a natural fungicide and will keep pesky bacteria at bay.

Keep them in a colder room


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By keeping your cut flowers out of direct sunlight and in a cooler temperature, you're able to prolong their life and keep them fresh.

TikToker @Annatheflorist also adds that, no matter how careful you are, some flowers just don't have the same lasting power. So if that's important to you, ensure you take the time to pick something lasting!

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