Harry Styles' mother Anne reveals his adorable nickname on his 27th Birthday

Harry Styles has turned 27 today and his mother, Anne Twist, has revealed his pet name in an adorable post

Harry Styles
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Harry Styles' mother Anne Twist has taken to Instagram to celebrate her son's 27th birthday and has revealed an adorable nickname in the process.

With the music video "Golden" and the recently released video "Treat People with Kindness," co-starring Fleabag's Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Harry Styles has treated us with kindness over the past few months as we have all looked for entertainment during the pandemic. 

However, fans aren't just celebrating Harry's music today. No, no, the star is celebrating his 27th birthday today, which leads to a whole host of celebratory wishes from fans, family members, and colleagues of the star. 

Anne Twist, Harry Styles' mother, took to Instagram to celebrate her little boy's birthday. She wrote, "Happy Birthday my youngest pup," and posted an image of her son dressed as a dalmatian — a throwback photo, to be clear. 

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The post on Instagram has been liked by hundreds of thousands of fans who adore the throwback picture of baby Harry and have thanked Anne profusely for bringing Harry into the world. 

Fans have also gone crazy for an image posted by Helene Pamprum, Harry’s tour photographer, who has shared a new photograph of the singer on her Instagram. 

The image shows a smiling harry as Helene holds up her middle finger to him. Fans are loving the image and have thanked her for the candid moment that captured Harry’s genuine grin. 

One fan commented, “don’t be shy.. give us moreee “ another enthusiastically said, “THIS IS MY FAVORITE PIC FROM NOW ON.”

A whole host of celebrities have also taken to social media to celebrate the star’s 27th birthday.

The Late Late Show with James Corden posted a birthday message to Harry and included a hilarious video of Harry Styles performing a "crosswalk concert." 

The tweet made a fun reference to his major hit "watermelon sugar" and said, “Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the watermelon to our sugar: Mr. Harry Styles!”

Bizarrely Harry Styles also received a lovely message from Sun-Maid took to Twitter to celebrate his special day. 

The raisin brand responded to a tweet Harry wrote in 2012 that proclaimed that Sun-Maid makes “the best raisins ever." They replied, “Happy Birthday Harry Styles from your 'best raisins ever.' We hope it's...grape!” 

Wherever he is, we hope he's raisin a glass, celebrating in style, and having a grape time!

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