Gordon Ramsay labeled 'emotional wreck' as Tilly Ramsay is axed from Strictly Come Dancing

Tilly Ramsay was axed from Strictly Come Dancing but it was Gordon Ramsay's reaction that stole the show

Tilly Ramsay
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Tilly Ramsey has been axed from Strictly Come Dancing but it was Gordon Ramsey's reaction that has captured the attention of fans.

Tilly Ramsey and her partner Nikita Kuzmin left Strictly Come Dancing over the weekend after failing to impress viewers with their Samba to Dua Lipa's Levitating.

Sadly, Tilly and Nikita scored the lowest of all of the dancers that night with an overall score of just 30 points. This meant that when it came to a choice between Tilly or Rhy (who scored 35 with his partner Nancy) the judges made the decision to axe Tilly.

However, it was Tilly Ramsay's father who caused a stir with fans as his reaction led some viewers to label him as an 'emotional wreck' as tears streamed down his face after his daughter's performance. 

"Seeing Gordon Ramsay crying as Tilly leaves #Strictly was so wholesome," said one fan. 

"Gutted to see Tilly go, @GordonRamsay was an emotional wreck," added another.

"Watching Gordon Ramsay crying for his daughter just made me like him even more what a guy. Didn’t want Tilly to leave. Every week she was getting better and better," said another viewer.

A fourth viewer added, "Gordon Ramsay is often a tit, but seeing him crying on #Strictly is so bloody sweet."

Gordon later took to Instagram to reveal how proud he was of his daughter and her dance partner after taking part in the grueling competition for 10 long weeks.

"Words can’t describe how proud I am of these 2, hard-working polite humble and incredibly down to earth, most of all well done and what a celebration of youth and how happy it makes me feel. The future is bright and you 2 will continue to shine lots of love dad ❤️❤️❤️ @tillyramsay @nikita__kuzmin @bbcstrictly."

However, some felt that Tilly was accidentally sabotaged by her dance partner. While dancing, Nikita ripped off his button-down shirt, instead of falling to the floor, the shirt became hooked on a mic wire and was dragged around by the couple as they danced. Some fans felt that this slip-up was not only dangerous but also caused Tilly to be voted out of the show.

"Tilly Ramsay nearly went skidding across the dancefloor all because that man wanted to off his shirt and swing it around his head during a dance-off??? Gordon is going to choke him offstage #Strictly," said one disappointed viewer.

"I love that #Nikita, having repeatedly been told to button his shirt up by Gordon Ramsay, decided to just flip in the air in the samba dance-off, show his full abs on prime time, get the shirt stuck on the mic wire and go out of the competition Bang! #Strictly #tillyramsay" said another fan.

Others found this move exciting and thought that Nikita well and truly spiced up the competition by removing his shirt during the dance.

Fans were also disappointed as Dan Walker managed to yet again stay in the competition for another week, despite scoring only one point above Tilly and Nikita. 

"Cannot believe it, how can Mr. BBC Dan walker, get through ahead of Tilly? What a farcical, show SCD is becoming! #Strictly," said one frustrated fan.

"The wrong contestant left, should have been Dan I loved Tilly and Nikita’s dance every week," said another disappointed viewer.

The Strictly final is now just around the corner and is expected to take place in just a few weeks. The next episode of Strictly Come Dancing is scheduled for Saturday, December 4, 2021, at 6.40 pm on BBC One.

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