This Strictly Come Dancing contestant says iconic curse could actually be a ‘blessing’ for her

One soon-to-be Strictly contestant has expressed optimism towards the powerful force that is the Strictly curse...

Strictly come dancings Nikita Kanda talks strictly curse
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BBC radio host and soon-to-be Strictly contestant, Nikita Kanda, has hinted that she believes the iconic Strictly curse may not be such a bad thing after all. 

Speaking to The Sun, the morning host of BBC Radio’s Asian Network, expressed surprising optimism about the so-called curse. When asked if it could instead be a blessing Nikita replied “Hopefully, yeah!” 

We’ve seen the Strictly curse strike multiple times over the years and only recently did Strictly’s John Whaite reveal he fell victim to the curse after falling in love with dance partner Johannes while in a committed relationship. In this case, however, it's difficult to see the curse as a blessing as John revealed his ‘sense of loss’ after a painful goodbye with Johannes.

The Strictly curse, known for its heartbreaking reputation, is the phenomenon where a dance partnership on the show goes beyond the boundary of friendship. The curse is most commonly known for its breaking up of pre-existing relationships, from either one or both of the dancers.

Nikita Kanda

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Perhaps the reason for Nikita’s positive outlook on a potential strictly romance is because of her availability. The 28-year-old radio DJ went on to discuss her long-term singleness, something that she chalks down to her daily 4.30am radio show routine. “I get up at half past four in the morning so I’m not going to have time for any of that right now.”

When asked more specifically about her dating life living in London, she admitted it’s difficult when trying to be a career woman to date at the same time. Nikita ended the conversation of her dating life on a positive note saying, “I am happily single and happy to stay that way.”

The presenter went on to express a keener interest in dancing than finding love on the show. “But that’s not in my mindset because I am so focused on enjoying the show and I want to get stuck into it and learn the dances. I am fully single. I’m just focused on work now - my breakfast show and Strictly.” 

The interview, her first exclusive since the 2023 Strictly contestant lineup was confirmed, also revealed her excitement for the sexier styles of dance, “I think any of the Latin dances, I am really excited to get stuck in and learn those. They are a bit spicy and sexy - I can’t wait to move a little hip.” 

John Whaite

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Commenting on the announcement last month, she said that her being on the show was a dream come true. “I’m still pinching myself. I don’t think it will properly sink in until I step onto the dancefloor. I can’t wait to get glammed up and get out there. Throw the glitter on me!"

This season's Strictly Come Dancing is set to air on the 23rd of September, and we'll definitely be keeping our eyes out for any sign of the curse, blessing or not!

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