John Whaite reveals his 'sense of loss' after painful goodbye with Johannes

John Whaite revealed the 'sense of loss' he felt following his stint on Strictly Come Dancing as it meant leaving Johannes Radebe

John Whaite revealed the 'sense of loss'
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In excerpts from his autobiography, Dancing On Eggshells, John Whaite revealed the 'sense of loss' he felt following the end of Strictly Come Dancing.

John Whaite, one of The Great British Bake Off's most successful contestants, is set to release an autobiography, titled, Dancing On Eggshells. The star made headlines as one of the celebrity participants in the Strictly Come Dancing 2021 lineup and part of the first-ever same-sex couple in Strictly Come Dancing with his professional dance partner Johannes Radebe. 

In recent months the star has opened up about his relationship with his professional dance partner and revealed that he fell victim to the Strictly curse as he 'fell in love' with Johannes while in a relationship

In his new book, he has detailed his relationship with his dance partner further as he opened up about their emotional final goodbye - and the jealousy he felt towards the sweat shimmering on his skin...

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In extracts obtained by The Sun, John wrote, "After that final dance, I hung up my clothes for the last time. I felt a sense of loss." He added, "Not because the competition was over, I was knackered and ready for a break, but because I wouldn’t get to see Johannes every single day."

He reminisced on their emotional farewell and how he 'didn't want to let go'. John said, "I watched him as he sat on the window sill of the dressing room drinking a glass of champagne, still sparkling in his bright white show dance outfit. I was jealous of the sweat beads as they shimmered on his beautiful skin. I wanted to be close to him . . . We hugged goodbye, I didn’t want to let go."

John Whaite

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In another excerpt, the Strictly and Bake Off star said that Johannes had seen the 'Strictly curse' happen a number of times as professionals and celebrities fell for each other on the dancefloor. "Johannes knew that [the curse] could happen. He had seen it a thousand times with his dance companions over the years," John wrote. "When you are physically pressed against another man for ten hours a day, things move emotionally . . .  He was being cautious. Strictly has a magical way of revealing the truth."

The star was also critical of his fellow co-stars in the dancing competition and condemned them for "reeling off the same bull***t spiel week after week". He reportedly even called the show "Sickly Come Dancing". However, he still spoke fondly about the experience and wrote very romantically that the competition would be "etched on his heart until its last beat."

Despite his confessions of affection for his dance partner, the baker is still with his long-term partner and fiancé, Paul Atkins, whom he has been with for 15 years. He and his partner took a short break after John's appearance in the dance competition but managed to work things out after they took some time apart.

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