Coldplay's Chris Martin shows 'humble' side by performing impromptu song at local pub

Coldplay's Chris Martin delighted locals at The Stag Inn, in Hinton Charterhouse as he played Coldplay hit, A Sky Full of Stars

Coldplay's Chris Martin
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Coldplay's Chris Martin delighted some fans at a local pub in Bath as the singer played one of his band's best-known hits after pub-goers requested an impromptu performance.

Chris Martin visited The Stag Inn in Hinton Charterhouse at the weekend and was urged by patrons to perform for the locals in the pub. The singer humbly obliged and sat by an old piano in the corner of the pub to play the Coldplay hit, A Sky Full of Stars.

A video was posted on social media by The Stag Inn who were delighted that the A-lister had visited. "You never know who might pop in for a pint! @coldplay what a lovely man he is," said the pub on Twitter as they shared the video of Chris's off-the-cuff performance.

The video went viral and received over 46k likes on Twitter, as fans couldn't believe the A-lister would take time to sing to the locals in a pub. 

Many also liked the fact that Chris played on the request of a couple, Hannah and Jeremy who are getting married at the end of the summer. The couple spoke to BBC Radio 5 and revealed that Chris performed the song after the couple informed him that A Sky Full of Stars is the song they plan to have their first dance to at their wedding in August. 

Jeremy revealed that Chris then offered to play them a bit of the song - to which the couple happily accepted and helped to move the tables out of the way so that Chris could perform.

While many fans adored this gesture from the Coldplay frontman and took to social media to compliment Chris's generosity, some fans were not fans of this music and suggested that they would have left the pub if they had heard the performance. This led to a lot of division on social media.

"Most celebrities hate to be pestered when they are out. He could have been rude and ignored people. But no, he was humble and recognises the public have made him famous by liking his music. Well done I say. Don’t like it leave the pub!" said one fan.

"No problem if he kept quiet… soon as he gets near that piano I couldn’t neck a pint fast enough and clear out," said another commenter who was clearly not a Coldplay fan.

"Why do some people have to hate. Christ the fella has prob gone for a beer and the landlord prob asked him to play and he kindly did. Puts the pub on the map in these tough times. Good on CM for not being stuck up his own arse and playing for fun," said another in defense of the singer.

Ultimately the couple was delighted and The Stag Inn was pleased to host the impromptu performance.

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