What is John Travolta filming in Norfolk? As the Grease star delights fans in surprise appearance at UK supermarket

Fans are questioning, what is John Travolta filming in Norfolk? As he is snapped with fans in a UK supermarket chain and pub

What is John Travolta filming in Norfolk?
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What is John Travolta filming in Norfolk? Fans are curious as the A-lister is spotted in Morrisons and Wetherspoons taking snaps with people in the local area.

John Travolta was in Los Angeles at the Oscars 2022 just over a week ago as he danced on stage with Uma Thurman in one of the most talked-about moments at the Oscars. However, just a week later the star has swapped Hollywood glitz and glamour for a rural Wetherspoons in the UK.

ITV East Anglia reported that the star had been spotted in different locations across Fakenham and had been snapped by local fans who adored rubbing shoulders with the Pulp Fiction star.

On Saturday afternoon, the actor was spotted shopping at the Fakenham branch of Morrisons. A part-time security guard at the shop, Gary Middleton, spoke to the actor while he was looking at the bread counter. Gary said, "I didn't even go up to him, he just came up to me and shook my hand. We had a really nice chat." The pair then got a selfie together which has now been circulated across the internet as fans have shared stories about meeting the star while he stayed in the local area.

On Thursday evening, reportedly John was spotted in Dereham Wetherspoons, Romany Rye. Members of staff were shocked to see this A-lister in their pub and one drinker in the Spoons, Jamie Salter, said that meeting the star was a great experience.

"Meeting John Travolta was unreal, Dereham doesn’t usually play host to some of the most famous Hollywood stars on the planet," said Jamie. "I feel extremely lucky to of met him as it certainly wasn’t what I expected to experience on a Thursday night out in Dereham. I enjoy going to The Romany Rye often and never would have anticipated my night going this way."

John has continued to have a quintessential UK getaway as he shared images of himself at afternoon tea with his daughter Ella for her birthday. 

The actor has a close relationship with the 22-year-old and last year John Travolta celebrated his daughter's 21st birthday with a heartfelt message as he announced, "Your dad adores you!"

What is John Travolta filming in Norfolk? 

In the post of his afternoon tea with his daughter, the actor revealed that he was currently in the UK for work as he is shooting for his upcoming film, The Shepherd.

John revealed in the post, "I’m also here to shoot a short film called, 'The Shepherd' based on a book by Frederick Forsyth that I’ve always loved."

The story focuses on the story of a De Havilland Vampire pilot who is heading home from Germany to Suffolk on Christmas Eve 1957 when the aircraft suffers a complete electrical failure. The pilot then encounters a Mosquito fighter bomber who has been sent as a shepherd to guide him. It is unclear when the new adaptation of this book starring John Travolta will be released but it is clear that filming is currently taking place.

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