Carol Vorderman stuns in neon pink wetsuit as she tries paddleboarding in Wales

Carol Vorderman has amazed fans as she enjoys learning to paddleboard in Wales in hot pink costume

Carol Vorderman
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Carol Vorderman has stunned fans in a neon pink wetsuit as she tried her hand at paddleboarding in Wales.

Carol, who is now living in Wales, took to social media earlier this year to announce that she had moved back to her home country.

She wrote on social media, “Good morning gorgeous peeps from Wales. Finally after the lockdown has been lifted slightly, I could come home. I grew up in North Wales and to see the sea and the mountains and the cows and sheep and green green grass (cue @realsirtomjones)…it fills my heart to bursting point.”

And it looks as though she's really making the most of her new home. Shunning a bathing suit for a bright pink wetsuit, Carol took to Twitter to post a photo of herself ahead of trying out her new hobby—paddleboarding off the Welsh Coast.

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Fans flocked to compliment Carol on social media. “You look absolutely gorgeous Carol—getting more beautiful as time goes by!” said one, as another chimed in to say, “U look absolutely amazing carol.” 

One commenter even said, “You really do look incredible, you're an inspiration to us aging ladies and I'll be blessed if I look as good as you. It must be something in our welsh water!”

Carol has been enjoying paddleboarding since trying out the activity for the first time this week. Only a few days ago she took to social media to share her “rubbish” attempts at the hybrid sport of yoga-paddleboarding.

“Do some yoga on your paddleboard they said...lols.....this is my best version of a ‘downward dog’ on a board.....RUBBISHHHHH LOVELY our beautiful country,” said Carol as she posted images of herself on Twitter.

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Fans can expect to see more posts of Carol enjoying herself and taking time to try out new hobbies as she revealed not long ago that she had no immediate plans to return to work.

Carol told the Mirror, “I'm not that bothered about being on the telly anymore. I worked my butt off last year and I don't want to do it anymore.

“I found lockdown difficult—like everybody. By last Christmas, I was bloated and not well. Tired beyond tired, and I was finding filming not pleasant.

“In January I said to my agent, ‘I'm just not doing that anymore. I don't see the point. I'm going to concentrate on my health,’ so that's what I've been doing."

Well, we can't wait to see which hobby she tries out next—enjoy your time off, Carol!

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