Cameron Diaz's hidden wine cooler is giving us major quiet luxury kitchen inspiration

Cameron Diaz's hidden wine cooler might just be the best piece of subtle quiet luxury we've seen in a kitchen design

Cameron Diaz's hidden wine cooler
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Cameron Diaz's hidden wine cooler fridge is a luxury interior design piece we can't get enough of right now -  and here's how you can copy this style which is so ideal for the festive season!

Our latest obsession is Cameron Diaz's kitchen, which is a quiet luxury dream with black and white marble and gold accents. The actress has shown off her beautifully designed space during some cooking videos as she has promoted her wine brand, Avaline. In one video, the actor's kitchen oozed quiet luxury as Cameron showed off her hidden wine cooler which was placed behind a cabinet and blended in completely with its luxe surroundings.

Wine coolers have been a major kitchen trend of 2023 and are perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to any dining or kitchen space, particularly when they blend with the decor completely and are hidden behind a cabinet.

Avoiding any kitchen design mistakes, Cameron made her kitchen look expensive without making it look too flashy or overly kitsch - which can be an easy trap to fall into when remodelling. The hidden wine cooler was neatly packed into a crockery cabinet and was hidden away as a fun but subtle design feature.

Whether you are looking to incorporate a wine fridge as part of a big remodel, or whether you're looking for something more simple that can be added to your existing kitchen, there is a wide range of fridges that can be purchased from stores, at a variety of different price points. Many of these are easy to install behind cabinets, or placed in storage cabinets like Cameron Diaz.

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Cameron's fridge was particularly clever as it featured wooden bamboo-style drawers that could be pulled from the fridge and allowed for easy access to the chilled wine bottles. 

Many similar fridges feature this design feature, making them perfect for the festive season when a copious amount of bottles are being placed in the fridge - and just as swiftly being pulled out again! 

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