Cameron Diaz's kitchen is a quiet luxury dream with black and white marble and gold accents

Cameron Diaz's kitchen is our current favourite quiet luxury space as the actor shows off her magnificent home decor skills

Cameron Diaz's kitchen is our current favourite quiet luxury space as the actor shows off her magnificent home decor skills
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Cameron Diaz's kitchen is the perfect combination of timeless and classic as the star has incorporated major quiet luxury themes in her effortlessly chic kitchen. 

Cameron Diaz's kitchen is our latest obsession as the actress has shown off her beautiful black and white marble-tiled space with contrasting honey-coloured wooden cabinets during some cooking videos. 

The actor's kitchen oozed quiet luxury with gold fixtures, which were a major kitchen trend of 2023 and perfect for adding a sophisticated touch with a warm shade of metal. Avoiding any kitchen design mistakes, Cameron made her kitchen look expensive without making it look too neutral or bland - which can be an easy trap to fall into when remodelling. Cameron's space was exciting with high-quality accents, but without feeling overly kitsch or trendy.

In the video, Cameron used a gorgeous ornate knife and a sweet floral chopping board to prepare her vegetables. These high-end kitchen tools were perfectly in line with her home aesthetic and the perfect items to add to your home to elevate the overall luxe feel of your kitchen.

Speaking to The Strategist in 2022, Cameron spoke about her love for the specific knife brand shown in her videos. "I love my Aura knives. They’re from Long Beach, my hometown. They’re just a gorgeous tool, both aesthetically and functionally. The blade itself cuts everything wonderfully. The weight is just right, and the handle is beautifully ergonomic. The balance of the knives are perfect for my hand. I mostly use the Chakra knife, and the ball between the blade and handle is very comfortable for my grip. I have a couple with blue-and-white and turquoise handles - they’re just great to look at," she said.

Cameron's kitchen may not be the most achievable if you don't have the need for a renovation coming up, but adding gold or other warm metal accents, like brass or copper, to your kitchen is an easy way to elevate your space. Changing out handles to cabinets, sinks, or taps to something warmer or on trend is an easy way to make your kitchen feel as high end as possible, without having to spend too much on an entire redesign. 

Similarly, investing in high quality items like knives or chopping boards can make your kitchen feel more exciting, and can be proudly displayed and changed out when trends change.

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