The weird reason why a lot of couples break up towards the end of February

International Break-up Day 2022 is marked in February every year soon after Valentine's Day, but why do so many couples suffer?

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Valentine's Day is internationally celebrated across the globe on February 14 and just a week later anti-Valentine's Day aka Break-up Day is celebrated, but what causes this phenomenon? Why do so many break ups happen at the end of February?

Your Love horoscope of 2022 may not have warned you of this, but February 21 marks a sad day across the globe as many couples experience heartache on Break-up Day 2022. While this holiday may not be exactly celebrated, it is experienced by a lot of different couples.

But what causes this phenomenon and why do so many relationships end during this period in late February? Some experts have spoken exclusively to woman&home and revealed why you may be experiencing heartache right now.

Why do people break up on February 21?

Love and Sex experts and founders of By Quanna, Dr. Dmitry Loktionov and Kate Tikhomirova, explained that sometimes Valentine's Day can set expectations up too high and many couples are forced to re-evaluate their relationship after a disappointing day that is supposed to celebrate love.

"Valentine’s Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate our partners but it also comes with high expectations and pressure," said the experts. 

"With the constant comparisons on social media, it is easy to feel disappointed, leading to arguments and relationship breakdown. The feeling is similar to the feeling after New Year's Eve, the celebration is never as good as you wanted it to be as it is so forced and you find yourself comparing your day to the carefully curated content that other people have posted."

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James Maguire, founder, and director at Maguire Family Law also explains that he also sees a lot of couples looking for a divorce in late February.

"We are definitely experiencing a spike in inquiries now," said James. "Valentine’s Day can often be a trigger or a ‘final straw’ in the minds of some people."

The divorce lawyer suggests that with proposals flooding our social media and the best romantic movies appearing on every channel, it can be hard not to compare your relationship to what you're confronted with.

"We are exposed to so much more imagery, particularly through social media, of extreme or perceived romantic gestures — for example, balloon-filled hotel rooms, exotic proposals and enormous engagement rings — that it is hard for the average person to compete. This could be a tipping point if there is already underlying unhappiness or discontent," said James.


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Should you break up with your partner?

Heidi Hauer, a life coach who specializes in helping women turn heartbreak into happiness, has explained what you need to consider before you end a relationship.

“It’s useful to ask yourself a set of questions that help you to determine how happy and fulfilling your relationship currently is," says Heidi.

“Firstly, listen to your inner voice. Do you have a gut feeling about your partner and where your journey is going? Some people are only meant to be in our life for a certain period of time, for a specific reason. Not every love needs to end in a 'happily ever after’. Should you feel that your path is about to part, don’t consider it a failure. Sometimes success means you say ‘Goodbye’ before your feelings turn sour."

Heidi then says you need to consider if you are being the 'real you' with your partner, and if not, this could be a bad sign.

“Next, ask yourself if you can be authentic around your partner. Can you be the ‘real you’? If not, what would you need so you can bring more authenticity to your relationship?" said Heidi. 

"Thirdly, think about if you feel safe and supported in their environment. Then, understand the needs of your partner and ask yourself what compromises you are willing to accept and make. This way you are not only assessing the other person but you are finding ways to meet them halfway."

Heidi concludes that you then need to figure out what you are looking for, and if your current partner is fulfilling your desires and understanding how you express the 5 love languages.

“Finally, ask yourself what you truly need in a relationship, and how much of that you are already getting. If you realize that you have not yet fully communicated your needs or made an effort to really understand your partner’s needs, then see if there is the option for a fresh start."

Heidi added, "If you feel that you’ve reached the end of your journey together, then master up your courage and approach this difficult conversation in a kind, respectful, friendly way. ”

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Ultimately Break-up day may be a good thing. As Valentine's Day forces couples to think about their relationship, Break-up Day may serve to encourage people to think about their personal goals and desires. 

So if you are going through a rough patch, perhaps you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone and many people across the globe are experiencing the exact same thing.

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