What Your Birthstone Means For Your Year Ahead In 2018

2018 Goals
2018 Goals
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Now that the stress of the festive period is drawing to a close, it is time to think about 2018, and what the new year can bring for you.

Many believe that both the month you were born and your birthstone have a huge impact on different parts of your life, and are important to consider when choosing a new year's resolution. Here,Sara Doone, founder ofThe Intuitive Pathfinder, a spiritual healing and advice website, shares what your New Year's resolution should be, and why your birthstone will help you achieve it.


Birthstone: Garnet

Your resolution: "I wish to bring change into my life."

Why: Garnet can help you bring about change in your life, encouraging transformation on a profound level.


Birthstone: Amethyst

Your resolution: "I wish to engage with my spirituality."

Why: Amethyst will help you to engage with your spiritual self & may also open doorways to the world of spirit where your guides reside, when you meditate with this crystal.


Birthstone: Aquamarine

Your resolution: "I wish to release negative thoughts and feelings, making room for positive energy to come into my life."

Why: This crystal will help to clear away negative patterns that no longer serve you, it also promotes a sense of peace and helps to bring balance into the energetic field.


Birthstone: Diamond

Your resolution: "I wish to find new direction and purpose in 2018."

Why: This crystal will help you in finding clarity & direction in your life because of it's incredibly high vibrations and piercing energy, which helps you see clearly what is best for you.


Birthstone: Emerald

Your resolution: "I wish to live and love with an open heart in 2018."

Why: Emerald will clear away negativity from the heart chakra, helping to rebalance & heal hurt that may be felt there, promoting a sense of peace & positivity.


Birthstone: Pearl

Your resolution:"I wish to experience more balanced emotions in 2018."

Why: Pearl will help support your emotions when you feel that situations threaten to overwhelm you - giving you the chance to breathe and balance your thoughts.


Birthstone: Ruby

Your resolution: "2018 will be the year that I overcome my fears."

Why: This crystal will help you to find the confidence when facing your fears, offering life affirming energies encouraging you through the challenges that present themselves to you.


Birthstone: Peridot

Your resolution: "In 2018 I wish to spend more time in nature."

Why: Peridot has profound energy that is linked to nature and the Devic energies that reside there. Peridot will help you to explore the child like wonder and awe that the natural world inspires.


Birthstone: Blue Sapphire

Your resolution: "In 2018 I will achieve my goals."

Why: Sapphires encourage greater self- discipline to make it possible for you to achieve your dreams.


Birthstone: Common White Opal

Your resolution: "I will be mindful of my emotions in 2018."

Why: this crystal helps to ease and re-balance emotions when they threaten to overwhelm us.


Birthstone: Golden Topaz

Your resolution: "2018 will be the year that I learn to believe in myself."

Why: Golden Topaz supports and encourages self-esteem, helping you to believe that you can live your dreams and go on your greatest adventure.


Birthstone: Turqouise

Your resolution: "I release everything that no longer serves me for my highest good."

Why: Turquoise dissolves deeply ingrained negative patterns and helps you to communicate your soul purpose.