Here's how much Bridgerton's jewelry costs in real life (it's a lot!)

We talked to an expert to find out how much it costs to wear Bridgerton's stunning jewelry

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Forget its gorgeous cast and raunchy scenesBridgerton's jewelry collection is the real star of the show.

With its never-ending reel of diamond necklaces and glistening tiaras, this captivating new Netflix series has us fluttering like magpies. 

But before you get too excited, you might want to check your bank balance. 

We chatted to a jewelry expert to find out how much these gorgeous pieces would be worth today, and – surprise, surprise – they’re a little out of our budget. 

Daphne’s White Gold Large Diamond Necklace

We’ve been drooling over Daphne’s white gold necklace, but it’s probably about time we closed our mouths. The stunning choker, which was gifted to her by the Prince, features five 10 carat diamonds and is estimated to be worth a colossal £35 million in real life. We’ll just put away our wallets now. 

Daphne’s Gold Pear Shape Diamond Necklace

Luckily, you don’t need to drop millions of pounds on accessories to look like a princess. Daphne’s gold pear shape diamond necklace is lighter in both weight and price, clocking in at a mere £600,000. It’s always comforting to know there’s a cheaper alternative.

Lady Danbury’s White Gold Diamond Tiara

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If you want to splash out on some stunning headwear for your hen-do, look no further. Boasting over 100 carats, Lady Danbury’s white gold diamond tiara is estimated to cost a cool £5 million. We don’t think our heads could handle that much responsibility — literally.

Lady Danbury’s White Gold Marquise Diamond Necklace

Lady Danbury’s tiara is paired with a white gold marquise diamond necklace, which would have about 300 carats if it was fine jewelry. This piece will set you back £3 million, or the cost of a few high-end townhouses. 

Queen Charlotte’s Yellow Gold Pigeon Blood Ruby Drop Earrings

Queen Charlotte’s ruby drop earrings are rare, making them all the more valuable. For about £7 million, you too could be rocking these stunning gems. Don’t forget to keep some cash aside for the inevitable earaches though - those things look heavy! 

Marina’s Gold Diamond Necklace

We fell in love with Marina’s gold diamond necklace the second we saw it, but it looks like it’s going to be a long-distance relationship for now. The gorgeous statement piece, which she paired with a sequined yellow dress at the ball, would be worth about £1.5million.

Portia’s Yellow Gold Turquoise Butterfly Necklace 

With its geometric design and vibrant colors, Portia’s yellow gold turquoise butterfly necklace is hard to miss. It may not sparkle as brightly as the other pieces on this list, but it’s far less expensive — costing only £25,000. Somehow, we still don’t think we’ll be writing a cheque for it any time soon.

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