Everything you need to know about the Ginny & Georgia cast, plot, and more revealed

Netflix’s new show has got people talking

Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry in Netflix's Ginny & Georgia
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia is the latest drama to land on the streaming platform, following on from the tremendous successes seen in previous months. With shows like Bridgerton, Firefly Lane, and Behind Her Eyes keeping us hooked throughout the winter, it’s no surprise that we’re ready for the next big series. And it seems like they may have just delivered it with Ginny & Georgia. Compared by some to everyone’s favorite 2000s show Gilmore Girls, there’s definitely a charming small-town aspect to it. 

But whilst Ginny & Georgia focuses on a mother-daughter duo, it also has a lot of mystery, secrets, and steamy romances to make it stand out from the crowd. If you’re not sure whether to add this new show to your to-watch list, never fear!

We reveal all you need to know about the plot and the cast of Ginny & Georgia to help you make up your mind...

Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry in Netflix's Ginny & Georgia

(Image credit: Netflix)

What is Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia about?

Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia focuses on Virginia ‘Ginny’ Miller and her mother Georgia. Despite being only 15 years old, Ginny often finds herself feeling a whole lot more mature than Georgia. The show follows the family as they move to a town in New England, hoping for a fresh start. Ginny isn’t quite so keen to make the move, though this soon changes after she meets attractive neighbor Marcus and becomes best friends with his twin Maxine. 

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But things never go quite as planned and soon Georgia’s dark past looks like it’s about to catch up with the Millers. Protective of Ginny and her brother Austin, devoted mother Georgia is prepared to do anything to keep her family safe.

This leads to a pretty shocking ending and if we’ve learned anything about cliffhanger endings since Netflix hits Firefly Lane and Behind Her Eyes, it’s that they really do keep us eager for more.

Who is in the cast of Ginny & Georgia?

When it comes to the cast of Ginny & Georgia, Netflix chose some pretty impressive talents. Ginny Miller is one of actor Antonia Gentry’s first major roles and she certainly plays her brilliantly.

Brianne Howey plays her on-screen mother Georgia and some viewers might recognize her from a variety of other shows, including 90210 and The Exorcist. Whilst Ginny’s love interest and neighbor Marcus is played by Australian actor Felix Mallard, who previously starred in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and Locke & Key.

Sara Waisglass is Maxine, who previously Frankie in Degrassi, and the twins’ mother Ellen is played by Jennifer Robertson, perhaps best known in recent years for her role as Jocelyn Schitt on Emmy-winning comedy Schitt’s Creek.

The cast of Ginny & Georgia has really brought this show to life on-screen as fans can't help but be drawn into the drama. 

How have viewers reacted to Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia?

It may have only been released on Netflix on February 24, but many viewers were quick to discuss just how binge-able Ginny & Georgia is. Taking to Twitter, one wrote: ‘just spent the last 10 hours binge watching ginny & georgia and i regret nothing’.

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This sentiment was echoed by another who commented: ‘Was so good!!’.

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so ginny and georgia is like definitely getting renewed right’ a fellow Twitter user declared. 

Whilst so many people have raced through Netflix’s new series, Ginny & Georgia has also received some less positive reactions. Singer Taylor Swift recently criticized a 'deeply sexist joke' about her dating history that was included in the dialogue in one scene. Many people were quick to support the singer, with the hashtag #RespectTaylor trending on social media

Whether you love it or aren’t sure if you should give it a go, Ginny & Georgia has certainly captured people's attention. 

Will you be watching it?

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