Behind Her Eyes - here's everything you need to know about Netflix’s creepiest thriller yet

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Eve Hewson as Adele in Behind Her Eyes
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The Behind Her Eyes plot is dark, psychological, and shocking, it’s no wonder that the Netflix adaptation has already got viewers mesmerized. 

The show might only have landed on the streaming platform last week, but already it seems like the blend of chilling pacing, huge twists and superb acting seems to be just what we need. Whilst many viewers may be wondering if the Behind Her Eyes book by Sarah Pinborough is just as chilling - and we certainly think so - some could be looking for Behind Her Eyes' confusing ending to be explained. After all, the Behind Her Eyes plot is made even creepier with a shocking final twist that very few could ever have seen coming. 

The psychological elements that make Behind Her Eyes one of the best books to settle down with your best eReader and enjoy also make this on-screen adaptation all the more intense. If you’ve yet to begin the sinister journey into a world of dark twists and turns, then there are some major plot points you might want to know going into it. 

Here we reveal all you need to know about this brilliant Netflix adaptation - and the book it’s based on…

Simona Brown as Louise in Behind Her Eyes

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What is the Behind Her Eyes plot synopsis?

When it comes to the Behind Her Eyes plot synopsis, it’s hard not to be hooked by both the book and show’s intriguing storyline. As with Sarah Pinborough’s bestselling novel, Behind Her Eyes focuses on three primary characters - each of them harboring secrets, some of them far more worrying than others. 

Louise made her son her whole world after her husband walked out on their family. But now she seems to be putting her life back together and she soon meets charming psychiatrist David, who turns out to be none other than her new boss.

The two embark on an intensely passionate affair, only for Louise to find her life growing ever more complicated as she forms a close friendship with David’s wife Adele. Adele seems perfect: beautiful, friendly, and an accomplished cook.

But the more Louise finds herself involved and intrigued by the lives of Adele and David, the more she starts to suspect there’s something beneath the surface. Could it all be too good to be true?

With an ending so shocking you won’t forget it in a hurry, you’ll soon find yourself searching back for any clues you missed…

Who's in the Behind Her Eyes cast?

In Netflix’s brilliantly gripping adaptation of the novel, Adele is played by Eve Hewson, perhaps best known before this for her role in 2018’s Robin Hood and in The Luminaries adaptation. Whilst David is played by Vanity Fair’s Tom Bateman and The Night Manager’s Simona Brown plays increasingly uneasy Louise. 

Behind Her Eyes novelist Sarah may not have written a sequel, but with the success of the Netflix show, who knows if a possible follow-up could happen at any point in the future.

Either way, with so many questions raised by the adaptation’s ultimate twist ending, we can’t help but hope for a potential Behind Her Eyes season 2. 

We have to find out what happens next! 

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