'Behind Her Eyes', the confusing ending explained...

Netflix’s latest hit 'Behind Her Eyes', has fans very confused

Behind her eyes
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The Netflix show, Behind Her Eyes, has viewers enthralled, but many people are baffled by the show’s bizarre ending. So let's unpack that massive twist. 

The six-part drama launched on Netflix on 17 February. Already fans have binge-watched the entire series and are baffled by the show’s unusual ending. Be warned there are spoilers ahead! So if you haven't watched the show already, go watch it, because 'Behind Her Eyes' is set to be your next big Netflix obsession.

The series focuses on the relationship between, married couple Adele (Eve Hewson) and David (Tom Bateman) and their bizarre relationship with single mother Louise (Simona Brown).

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The show starts off with the meet-cute and therefore sets almost a rom-com vibe. David and Louise meet in a bar and end up kissing on the street after a few too many drinks. The next day Louise realises that he’s married when she runs into him at her office because he is her new boss. However, quickly the tone starts to change as the narrative becomes more and more twisted and confusing.

Louise and David begin an affair. From then on, the deceit begins and the characters all become wrapped up in each other’s world. But for those who were expecting something Dr. Foster-esque. This story is a lot darker and involves more supernatural elements than you might expect from the trailer.

But with all the twists and turns, it is the ending that has confused people the most. With several people taking to social media to ask - what the hell was that? So here is a breakdown of all the questions that the ending left us with. 

Is Adele alive in 'Behind Her Eyes'?

Lucid dreaming is a key part of this story and through flashbacks, we see that Adele was friends with a heroin addict Rob, whom she taught how to astral project during lucid dreaming. Rob was envious of Adele, to a malicious extent. Rob ultimately ends up possessing Adele’s body, through astral projecting and killing Adele's soul while it was in his own body. 

This means that the real Adele has only been alive during flashbacks. The Adele that we have seen in the present day has been Rob inside Adele’s body all along. The real Adele died before the start of the series in Rob’s body.

Why did Rob kill Adele?

Rob was envious of Adele. She was a beautiful young, well-off woman with a gorgeous fiance. He was a heroin-addicted man with no family, money, or future. He was so envious of Adele that he took her life for his own by using the powers of astral projection that she taught him. Throughout the series, the Adele that we have seen has been Rob's soul in Adele's body.

Behind her Eyes

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Is Louise alive in Behind her Eyes?

In short no. Louise’s soul dies in the fire as she is accidentally astral projected into Adele’s body that Rob’s soul has injected with a lethal amount of heroin. Louise dies in Adele’s body and Rob's soul lives on in Louise’s body. It is Rob who then goes on to marry David and drives off into the sunset with Louise’s family. 

Does Adam know that Louise isn’t really Louise?

Louise’s 7-year-old son Adam seems to know something is off about his mother - even though her new husband David seems oblivious. Adam looks sulky in the backseat of the car as the newlyweds, David and Rob (in Louise’s body), drive away from their wedding and discuss honeymoon plans. 

Rob-as-Louise suggests they go on a  Caribbean cruise for their honeymoon, to which Adam replies, “But you hate boats. You’ve always said that you hate boats.” The music becomes sinister as Rob-as Louise says “maybe I’ve changed” and smiles widely as the camera focuses on her eyes.

Please let there be another season! We need to find out what happens next!

Behind her Eyes

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