Morrisons' patio heater is here to keep us warm during long summer evenings—and it's a bargain too!

Morrisons' patio heater is an absolute bargain at £35, and shoppers are going wild for them

Patio heater
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Morrisons is selling patio heaters to keep us warm during the long summer nights, and fans are shocked at how affordable they are. 

Lockdown rules have finally allowed all of us in the UK to visit the pubs and have friends and family over to our homes as we dine al fresco. We have all loved this opportunity, with many of us upping our luxury garden furniture game by investing in an Aldi rattan garden bar, a legendary Aldi egg chair or even an inflatable hot tub. The only small snag with these outdoor plans is that the weather has been less than cooperative—but Morrisons has a handy solution.

Patio heaters are notoriously expensive, but the new Morrisons patio heater is priced at just £35. The patio heater was first discovered in-store by a lucky shopper who shared the item on a Facebook Group titled "Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK", complete with a photo of the La Hacienda Adjustable Standing Quartz electric heater. 

Facebook Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Patio Heater

(Image credit: Facebook Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK)

Fans have raved about this product and many have complimented the design and price tag. One fan said, “I bought one last year, great bargain.” Another said, “I bought one of these from Morrison’s and it’s fab [sic].” 

Another fan was disappointed that they had bought the same item for a much higher price at another store. They said, “Can’t believe we paid £99 for ours although it is good, mind.”

Sadly the item is not currently available online and appears to be an in-store purchase only. However, Harrier offers a similar version online at a slightly higher price point.

Harrier Sports Harrier Rounded Standing Patio Heater, was £119.99 now £89.99 | Net World

Currently on offer for a saving of £30, this heater can be used as a wall-mounted outdoor heater or standing patio heater. 

While Amazon also sells a selection of outdoor patio heaters at very reasonable prices. Their cheapest option is the Bright Spark Portable Gas Heater at just £27.95 and is the number one bestseller in Amazon's patio heater range. 

Bright Spark Portable Gas Heater £27.95 | Amazon

This battery-operated patio heater is ideal for outdoor entertaining. The product uses A4 Butane Batteries and lasts up to 3 hours at full heat.

We're looking forward to warm nights in the garden all the more now! 

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