The experts behind the 'Always Pan' launch a 'Wonder Oven' – set to be the most in-demand air fryer of 2024

From air frying to roasting to steam-infused baking, this small but mighty 6-in-1 Our Place oven does it all

the new new Our Place Wonder Ovens photographed side by side on a taupe background showing the blue, cream and pink new oven designs surrounding by plates of food
(Image credit: Our Place)

Given how much we adore the famous 'Always Pan' we were more than a little overexcited on hearing the news of a new multi-cook Our Place 'Wonder Oven' with exceptional air-frying capabilities.

As the experts who brought us the 'Always Pan' we knew instantly that this new iconic 6-in-1 Wonder Oven by Our Place was game-changing for the world of kitchen appliance trends.

We stay ahead of the curve of such exciting new launches, as we regularly maintain our edit of the best air fryers on the market. It now looks as though the famous Ninja air fryers have competition in terms of big-name brands with the launch of this multifunctional wonder appliance that is effectively an air fryer, an oven and a steam cooker in one – all packaged in a super cute design.

New launch: Our Place Wonder Oven

The new Our Place Wonder Oven offers the convenience of an air fryer, the roasting capabilities of an oven, and the luxury of steam-infused baking - all in one beautifully packed compact, colourful countertop appliance.

"It’s beautifully designed to sit proudly on your countertop without taking up too much space," says Shiza Shahid, co-founder of Our Place. "And despite its small size, it opens up a world of cooking possibilities.”

Three images of the Our Place Wonder oven showing it roasting, steaming and frying foods

The Our Place Wonder Oven in action roasting chicken, frying chips and steam cooking salmon and vegetables to demonstrate the many functions

(Image credit: Our Place)

With this uniquely multifunctional appliance, you can happily air fry crispy chips, roast a whole chicken and revive a frozen bagel all in one place.

Despite its compact size, the Wonder Oven has double the capacity of a stand-alone air fryer and cooks up to 30% faster than traditional ovens, making meal prep easier and more efficient.

What Our Place says about the new 6-in-1 cooking appliance:

  • It does everything, from ultra-crispy air frying, to serious roasting, to rejuvenating steam infusion
  • It preheats 75% faster* and cooks up to 30% faster** than traditional ovens. Whip up dinner in no time! *Based on average preheat times to 190°C with Bake. **Based on average poultry cooking times at 190°C on Bake.
  • It’s spacious: Roast a 2 kg chicken or go multilevel to cook double the capacity of a stand-alone air fryer.

Where to buy the new Wonder Oven

"While most air fryers are made with “Forever Chemicals,” also known as PFAS, the Wonder Oven is toxin-free for safe and healthy cooking" state the experts at Our Place. That is of course true of all the Our Place products, which is the brand's ethos and why it's so well-respected and loved – as we found out during our Our Place Always Pan review.

In the same way that all air fryers are healthy, the Wonder Oven uses less cooking fats and oils to produce superior tastes in less time, whether air frying, roasting, baking, grilling, or toasting – it really is a wonder oven.

The oven comes complete with a wire rack, toxin-free nonstick bake pan, air fryer basket and crumb tray. 

Our Place Wonder oven in char colour

The Our Place Wonder Oven also come sin this chic 'Char' colour

(Image credit: Our Place)

You know you love interiors as much as you love cooking when you're excited about an oven that looks every bit as fabulous as it does functional. It was love at first sight seeing the newly launched Our Place Wonder Oven. 

The countertop stove is available in four colourways: Steam, Char, Blue Salt, and Spice (Limited). Meaning like the latest Le Creuset colours this appliance makes an attractive addition to sit out on display on any organised kitchen countertop.

When Our Place launched the Wonder Oven in America, it sold out in just 8 days – a similar story to that of the famous 'Always Pan'.

Given the impact of course there was a ripple effect because fans all over the world began flooding the brand with enquiries about the future availabilities elsewhere – and that future is this week here in the UK.

“I cannot express how thrilled we are to finally launch the Wonder Oven,” says Shiza. “Appliances have a reputation for being big, bulky, and single-use, and what we’re offering is quite the opposite."

The Wonder Oven is now available in limited quantities at and exclusively in-store at Selfridges London. Get yours in your favourite colour before it sells out because we have a feeling that is likely to be very soon.

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