This new Smeg appliance is set to be the saviour of small kitchens and renovation projects

The trusted kitchen appliance brand has just launched a portable hob to aid those in need of a flexible approach to cooking

country kitchen with new Smeg portable induction cooker on white marble countertop with countertops oven in the background
(Image credit: Smeg)

There's nothing we love more than news of a new product launch, especially when it comes from one of our favourite homeware appliance brands and the product in question helps to make life easier.

So imagine our joy upon hearing about the launch of a new Smeg Portable Induction Hob – we had already enlisted the help of our food expert to test and review it for inclusion in our best portable induction hobs buying guide. 

Smeg is a reliable, well-designed brand that has given us one of the best induction pans and best stand mixers to date – we can now confirm with our Smeg Portable Induction Hob Review this portable cooktop joins that list of highly recommended kitchen essentials.

New launch: Smeg Portable Induction Hob

Providing versatility for smaller kitchens and those looking for extra induction cooking, the portable appliance is adept at everything from stir-frying to stewing using the same technology to emulate how all induction cookers work.

However, this smart portable hob is additionally equipped with an external temperature probe and two probe programs.  The first setting is a probe target which sets a maximum temperature to ensure the hob automatically stops cooking once the food hits this measure, meaning users can rest assured they won't be serving overcooked cuisine. 

The second setting is a probe timer, a function that allows a pre-set cooking timer and temperature to be maintained until the desired cooking level is reached, perfect for slow-cooking dishes. 

To offer an even wider repertoire, three intelligent pre-set modes have been added :

  • Fry: Probably the most useable function for everyday cooking this offers optimum heat when cooking eggs, pancakes and any fresh ingredients that are best delicately cooked, or frozen meals that need defrosting.
  • Keep warm: A function to maintain temperature, ideal when entertaining to keep everything perfectly warmed for serving when needed.
  • Barbecue: This mode is ideal when you want the authentic chargrilled taste that comes from hosting a BBQ without having to cook outside. 

A white country kitchen with the new Smeg poratable induction hob on the kitchen island with a white pan cooking on top

(Image credit: Smeg)

One of the things you should know about an induction hob, especially a portable one is just how versatile a cooking aid they are. It's the handy appliance to provide an additional hob when the existing kitchen oven isn't sufficient to cope with the volume of pots and pans required – think of all the extra cooking around Christmas particularly. 

A portable hob is also ideal for those with an AGA oven who may have switched off for the warmer summer months to avoid the house from overheating) and now need some to cook. 

But most significantly we note how useful they are for anyone undertaking a kitchen renovation who has nowhere to prepare comforting home-cooked meals – because let's be honest it's a stressful enough time without having to forego delicious meals to soothe the soul.

Three Smeg kitchen essentials we highly recommend

Proudly designed in Italy as part of the brand’s Collezione line, the slimline hob is undeniably Smeg thanks to its signature iconic lettered logo embellished on the front. 

The resilient glass ceramic surface means the same rules apply when it comes to cleaning an induction hob, which is recommended after every use to keep it looking as good as new. 

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