Gwyneth Paltrow's luxe white and gold kitchen cabinets and herringbone flooring will never go out of style

We're shopping her chic and surprisingly affordable kitchen accessories immediately

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Gwyneth Paltrow has given a glimpse into her stunning kitchen in a new cooking video, and we're totally inspired by her minimalist yet luxe interior style.

This year's kitchen trends are all about timeless sophistication, but it can be tricky to apply the key looks to your own home. After seeing Gwyneth Paltrow's chic cabinets, flooring, and cooking and serving accessories, we're feeling inspired to subtly revamp our own kitchens - and most of the items she uses can be bought on a budget.

Always one step ahead of interiors trends (she jumped on the stainless steel kitchen trend long before it gained traction), Gwyneth is certainly someone to take inspiration from if you want your kitchen to feel both modern and polished.

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Although her own kitchen no doubt cost a small fortune, the unfussy style is proof that you don't have to opt for premium items or elaborate design styles to achieve an expensive-looking cooking space. Keeping things neutral with tones of white, gold, and grey, enhanced by the warm wooden parquet flooring, this room is beautifully light and airy - perfect for cooking up a storm.

"Gwyneth's kitchen is a beautifully elegant space with pale quiet luxury cabinetry paired with classic herringbone flooring," says our homes editor Tamara Kelly. "But for me, the significant design element is the layout.

"The use of the kitchen island to house the cooking elements shows how much she loves to entertain but very much still be a part of the gathering - it's a really sociable aspect when you can incorporate cooking on the other side of a breakfast bar to feel inclusive even when you're the chef," she says.

"Obviously, for Gwyneth, space is no issue - but you can still adopt this functional but friendly layout in a smaller kitchen by considering an entertaining space while maintaining a practical working triangle (the fridge to sink to cooker journey that determines any kitchen layout)."

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Making a frittata for some friends, Gwyneth uses a classic cast iron pan, some handy mini oven mitts, and serves up on a gorgeous wooden board that - whilst mainly practical - works to lighten up the tablescape and ties in beautifully with the smooth wooden floors.

If you're not in a place to totally revamp your kitchen cabinets or flooring, taking note of this year's kitchen appliance trends and adding new accessories to your space can also breathe fresh life into your home on a budget.

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