Apparently, we've been replacing our trash bag all wrong, according to this viral TikTok hack

So simple it's genius

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Cleaning hacks are just one of the little ways we can try to make our lives easier. While most of us thought there was only one way to take out the trash, social media has found a new method that's so simple it's almost mind-blowing. 

TikTokers Hannah Ian and Lydia Amerson may have just cracked the code on the easiest way to put it in a new trash bag. The two are known for their storage and organization videos on TikTok and even own their own organization company called Stored Simply. Their hacks include everything from kitchen organization tips to ideas for organizing your pantry. The tips are considered so handy that the two have racked up almost 138,000 followers, but it was their video on how to change your trash bag that really broke the internet.

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With over 11 million views, Hannah and Lydia's followers are obsessed with their easy trick for inserting a trash bag. In the video, we see Hannah claim that she has been using trash bags "wrong" her entire life. She then shows viewers what she now considers the incorrect way to insert a trash bag, which involves "fluffing" the bag before placing it inside our garbage can. 

Instead, she claims that we're supposed to put it on our garbage can in reverse "like a hat." So, you partially open the bag and place part of it on the garbage can, then push it down so that the garbage bag lines with the can.


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Followers were so shocked they couldn't help but thank them for sharing the handy trick.

"Omg. My whole 52 years are now altered!" exclaimed one commenter.

Another viewer was in denial over how surprising the tip was.

"My mind SHOULD NOT be so blown over is," they wrote.

No matter how you decide to change your trash bag, you can typically appreciate a new life hack to make your chores easier.

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