The quick and easy way to know when your sunscreen needs reapplying

If you're constantly wondering how often your sunscreen needs reapplying, there is a quick new way that can save you from sunburn

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If you are wondering how frequently your sunscreen needs reapplying, there is a new product that can help you monitor your UV exposure and prevent skin damage and sunburn.

As the hot weather of the summer continues, ensuring your skin is protected against harmful UV rays is imperative. So even if you know the best skincare routine to follow at every age, you may still want to be putting layers of SPF on to ensure that you're protected from the sun.

Suncream is the obvious answer to protect your skin from sunburn, but when sitting on a beach all day, or working out in the sun, it can be tricky to know how to reapply sunscreen and when to do it.

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Fortunately, there is a new invention that allows people to monitor their UV ray absorption and know exactly when they need to reapply suncream.

UV detection stickers have become one of the best skincare trends of 2022, that sun worshippers are loving. These small stickers are placed directly on the skin after applying suncream and appear completely transparent. As the suncream fades over time and UV rays hit the sticker, the sticker will eventually change color. This is the signal to let you know that you need to apply more sunscreen.

Safer Sun Start Package of 4 Stickers | £3.25

Safer Sun Start Package of 4 Stickers | £3.25


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The creators of Safer Sun, a UV detection sticker brand, are actively trying to reduce the risk of skin cancer. The brand stated, "Our mission is to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Especially among the most vulnerable ones – children. We want to encourage everyone to responsibly enjoy the sun by sharing the knowledge to prevent sunburn, skin aging ,and skin cancer as much as possible."

The brand explained why they came up with this unique product. "We tend to perceive the number of skin cancer cases only marginally. They usually affect us only if someone from the family or a friend of ours is affected. We do not care about UV radiation because we can neither see nor feel it. That is why we developed a product that can reliably detect UV radiation on the skin," said the brand's mission statement.

This product has already become a summer must-have across the globe and sunbathers are loving this easy accessory that can help them monitor their skin. It would be particularly useful for anyone with very fair or reactive skin who needs to combine using the best sunscreen for sensitive skin with an extra safeguarding measure. 

A scientific study has also confirmed that people who used these stickers were more likely to remember to reapply suncream. However, participants with UV detection stickers still got sunburns and the stickers did not reduce sunburn rates. This suggests that while the stickers may be good to remind you to reapply suncream, if you are in the sun for a long time and burn easily, you may need to check this sticker frequently so to avoid sunburn.

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