Manifestation for money: 7 steps to make it work

Manifestation for money won’t make you rich instantly but it’s a great practice to get into

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If you're on the traditional side, the idea of using manifestation for money could sound a little irrational. After all, hedging your financial health on a hefty lottery win, inheriting money from a long-lost family relative, or things 'just working out' seems a bit irresponsible for a reason. So, what about those who swear that using manifestation for money has brought them the financial stability and abundance of their dreams?

Yep, our ears pricked up too, especially as concepts that seem too good to be true tend to be just that. Before we get into the ins and outs of the concept, it's important to flag that manifesting money won't make you an instant millionaire. However, practicing regular manifestation may lead to a better, healthier relationship with your finances, which in turn could lead to opportunities you least expect. 

Manifestation is the practice of focusing on one's desires and intentions in order to bring them into reality. If we're going to be specific with it - which is one of the tenants of manifesting the life you desire - getting into the particulars of manifestation for money is a must. Whether you're looking to discover what manifestation is and how it works or you want to know the best manifestation methods for beginners, we've got you covered.

Does manifestation for money work? 

If you're dreaming of the day you don't have to worry about balancing the books, when your savings account looks like a pirate's loot, and debt is in your rearview mirror, some experts believe that manifestation for money is the way to get there. "There is currently no scientific evidence to support the law of attraction or the effectiveness of manifestation but there are very many anecdotal reports of people who have used manifestation techniques to improve their financial situation," says Ella McCrystal, a leading psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, and mindset coach who specializes in manifestation.

This is because manifestation for money is a combination of the law of attraction and inspired action, she explains. Often associated with manifestation the law of attraction is the idea that our thoughts and beliefs act as a magnet, "attracting to us experiences that match our vibration [energy of a person]. If we focus on abundance and believe that we can attract wealth and prosperity, we will be more likely to manifest these things into our lives." And as we expect to attract financial reward, we're more likely to take action that contributes to this - like putting money into savings - and that's partly how money manifestation works. 

Lydia Kimmerling, a master life coach and founder of The Happiness Explorer, says she personally found manifestation to be beneficial as it encourages you to address your relationship with money. "I personally worked a lot on understanding my own beliefs around money that were holding me back," she says. "[This is] sometimes known as ‘your money story’ and this is key to manifesting quickly. You need to be aware of what you're thinking about money and most importantly, how that's making you feel." 

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Understanding our thoughts, beliefs, and how we actually 'feel' about money is absolutely key, agrees life and business guide Natalie Viglione, who founded the Disrupt Now Program and podcast. "Manifesting a physical object like money shouldn’t be the focus, but rather, manifesting the emotion of what it feels like when financial needs are met." Knowing this feeling can help us get on the path to at least understanding what we need to do to get there.

So while manifestation for money is far from magic, the shift in focus and attitude can certainly make it feel so. "It’s how we use thought, intention, vibrations, or words that create our world," says Viglione. "We create our realities, and we are that powerful, and this includes any energy, of which money is one."

Before we begin, it's vital to mention that financial difficulties are nothing to be ashamed of. Although the weight of this common challenge can be difficult, there is always hope at the end of the tunnel. If you need advice, reach out to in the US or Step Change in the UK to see what you can do in practical terms to help improve your financial health.

How to manifest money

1. Look at your relationship to money

The first step is to develop more self-awareness around you and your relationship with money. "I suggest doing this by thinking of your relationship with money like a romantic relationship," suggests Kimmerling, pointing out the similarities between manifestation for money and love manifestation.

"How would you describe it? Is your relationship filled with love, respect, honesty, joy, and fun? Or is it angry, hurtful, untrustworthy, scary, and on edge? This will start to give you an insight into how you really feel on a day-to-day basis in relation to money."

If your journey inwards to examine your feelings surrounding financial issues and money itself takes you on a negative, scarcity focussed path, you may need to practice self-awareness and make the changes you need. This is because negative thoughts and emotions, such as fear, doubt, and anxiety can create a blockage in the flow of abundance, adds McCrystal. "By cultivating a positive and grateful mindset, individuals can create a sense of openness and receptivity to financial abundance," she says.

For your life to change, you need to change. Start observing how what you're thinking and feeling is playing out in your actions and behavior. "Quite often we worry about money before what we are worrying about has actually happened," says Kimmerling. 

She offers the example of worrying about paying rent next month while it's still weeks away or worrying about eating into the last of your savings when you still have some savings left. "We tend to find it easier to focus on what can go wrong, versus what is working out for us," says Kimmerling. "Look at how this is causing you to behave and focus your attention on the mantra 'everything is working out for me'."

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2. Set a clear financial goal and visualize it

"This goal should be specific and measurable, such as earning a certain amount of money or paying off debt. The more specific the goal, the easier it will be to visualize and manifest, says McCrystal. The goal should be one that feels good and light, and not something that you feel the need to keep asking for, waiting for, or asking questions about.

You just need to need focusing on feeling good, explains Kimmerling, but this still means keeping a sensible eye on your finances, not spending money you "don't have or not looking at where your money is going, or doing absolutely nothing towards changing your reality." Because, as mentioned, manifesting money isn't a sit-back-and-wait process, it's about positive, affirmative action. 

"It's the marriage of the inner world and the external world that creates the change you want to see," says Kimmerling. "Manifesting is the deeper understanding that being in control of this starts with you, not the other way around, and generating this good feeling from within gives birth to inspired action."

Through this process of manifestation, the goal is to really focus on the emotions and feelings of what it feels like when already have that something you desire to manifest. "Think about the feeling of what it feels like when every financial need you have is met," adds Viglione, "and then some. Really feel that."

3. Repeat positive affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements repeated to oneself in order to reinforce beliefs and create a sense of optimism. McCrystal suggests confidence affirmations such as, "money flows easily and effortlessly to me," "I am worthy of abundance," and "I am financially secure and stable." 

Repeat these affirmations regularly, ideally daily, in order to reprogram your subconscious mind with positive beliefs about money and abundance. You could do this repetition in your head, out loud, or in one of the best journaling apps, anywhere you feel comfortable having your affirmations heard.

As well as using affirmations to help you get into a good feeling around money, you can use them to pull yourself out of a negative mindset should you feel yourself drifting. One great method, as suggested by Kimmerline, is to choose a thought that pulls you out of the worry, fear, or doubt you have into something that feels better, lighter, and more expansive. That may be, "everything is working out for me," or, "something good is going to happen to me today." 

4. Take action towards the financial goal

Now's the time to take steps and provide the Universe with the opportunity to give you all the abundance that you want, need, and deserve. Not only will taking action actually propel you toward your goal, but it will also create momentum and reinforce your positive beliefs and visualizations as you see your goals mapped out in front of you.

"This might involve applying for a  higher-paying job, investing responsibly in stocks or property, or starting a side business," suggests McCrystal. "By taking action  towards the financial goal, you are demonstrating to yourself and the universe that you are  serious about manifesting money."

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5. Stay positive and grateful

If manifestation before sleep is something you're interested in, it's likely that you're familiar with practicing gratitude. Considering manifestation for money is all about getting your vibrations high, feeling those vibes, and welcoming in that energy, staying grateful is so essential. 

Negative thoughts and emotions, such as fear, doubt, and anxiety, can create a blockage in the flow of abundance. "By cultivating a positive and grateful mindset, individuals can create a sense of openness and receptivity to financial abundance," says McCrystal.

"Practice gratitude by focusing on the positive aspects of your life and expressing gratitude for them. This could be as simple as listing three things you are grateful for each day, or keeping a gratitude journal." 

6. Be open and receptive to opportunities for financial gain

Maybe, in the past, a potential block to financial abundance has been by your own hand. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, you could have previously harbored energy that didn't welcome financial gain.

How we feel about money is quite often tied up with how we feel about ourselves and our self-worth. If a person has low self-worth, it's common that this can manifest itself as overgiving or trying to please so that people like them, and difficulty in receiving because they don't feel worthy of it.

"Often we block the manifestation of money into our lives because we are not good at receiving and very good at giving," agrees Kimmerling. "This goes beyond money though, it can be time, energy, or love." 

Being more receptive means keeping an open mind and being willing to explore new opportunities and possibilities, adds McCrystal. "Be alert for unexpected opportunities that could lead to financial gain, and be willing to take sensible risks and try new things. By being open and receptive, you are creating a  vibrational frequency that attracts financial abundance into your life."

7. Repeat the process regularly

Manifestation for money is not a one-and-done process. You need to keep in touch with yourself, your goals, and what you seek to achieve in your journey.

If you reinforce positive beliefs regularly, through vision boarding, visualizing, and positive affirmations, and create lasting change to your mindset and how you feel about money, you will reap what you sow. 

Just keep focusing on feeling good and the rest will follow.

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