This TikTok ab dance is going viral—but you should know this before you try it

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If you're looking to tone up, a TikTok ab dance has caught the attention of many platform users and appears to be the preferred method to tightening core muscles (if you're going by social media standards). 

Like many TikTok hacks that have come before it, the ab dance appears so simple you'll question why you've never given it a whirl before. All that's required is to move your pelvis back and forth, crunch your abs, and swing your arms. Some TikTok users, like Carline Marques Lauriano, are documenting their progress with the workout and how it is affecting their shape, according to Today. 

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The best part about the workout? It works! You'll notice a tighter abdominal region,  but there are a few things to note before attempting this exercise on your own. 

The scoop on the TikTok ab dance

Essentially, experts have compared this to a standing pelvic tilt, stating that it's a good way to exercise abdominal muscles—just what we're looking to tone ahead of those summer beach days.

A few warnings about TikTok ab dance 

Although professionals are deeming this exercise safe to try, medical experts are stating that—like any exercise—people must proceed with caution. According to Today, it's not recommended to attempt the TikTok ab dance more than three to four times per week. 

Additionally, when exercisers are first starting out, they're expected to go at a slow, steady pace before increasing the intensity. 

If you're more inclined to follow TikTok cooking hacks than fitness tricks, no sweat. We've rounded up the best at-home workouts to help you succeed with whatever wellness goals you have in mind, so you can leave your social media scrolls for entertaining tips and cleaning hacks. 

No matter what exercise you attempt before the 2021 beach season gets underway, be safe and check out ways to ease lower back pain should you experience any discomfort. (And, of course, check in with your doctor should problems persist.) 

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