This bargain sex toy is perfect to give to your boss as a Secret Santa gift, especially if you want a BIG pay rise in 2021!

A bargain sex toy like this will make sure your manager thanks you in the new year. Trust us...

bargain sex toy present Secret Santa
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A bargain sex toy might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you're thinking about what to get your boss for a Secret Santa gift. But, I can assure you, it's actually a pretty epic idea. And one that will come with many benefits in the future, for sure. Plus, the good news is I've found two of the best Black Friday deals (opens in new tab) for you already, so all you need to do is click away.

The thing about Secret Santa is that it was invented to be fun. But we all know it's not. In fact, expectation has meant it's turned into the complete opposite. The minute Barbara from Accounts arrives with an A4 envelope with your colleague's names on little slips of paper makes most of us shudder. The first thing I always want to do is hide in the toilets until she's gone. But Barbara doesn't let that happen, not on her watch. 

And this year it's even worse.... thanks to virtual offices, there is no A4 envelope. Plus, Barbara is now surprisingly MIA as she still hasn't realised everyone else is using Slack and not Microsoft Teams. So instead you get a name emailed to you. And with read receipts turned on, there's no hiding this year! You're just left inwardly seething about the cost and inconvenience.

But there is good news. Trust me. Because I've found the ideal gift for even the trickiest person (especially a boss!). And you don't have to take your slippers off and wrestle your feet into a "proper" pair of shoes for the first time in six months to get it, either. This gift is just one click away. And it's a BARGAIN. What's more... it will go down a treat. Because, let's be honest, what greater gift can there be than the gift of an orgasm? You'd be hard pushed to find someone who won't appreciate it. 

And when the next round of budgets comes along, it will be your name at the top of the list for a pay rise. I mean, how else will your boss be able to thank you without involving HR, right? 

Here's the full deal below. But, be quick, these options will sell out fast. And you don't want to be the person who panics and pretends they've made a donation to charity on their recipient's behalf again this year, do you? Because I know I don't.

The best bargain sex toy for Secret Santa if your boss is male

Lovehoney Head Master Vibrating Blow Job Stroker: £16.99 (opens in new tab)

Lovehoney Head Master Vibrating Blow Job Stroker: £16.99 £8.50 (save 50%) | Lovehoney (opens in new tab)
Save £8.49
Male boss? Then he's going to LOVE this gadget that is just as good (if not better!) than a blow job. Clear and stretchy, this contains a single speed bullet vibrator for some extra pleasure. All he will need to do is add some lube, and enjoy!

The best bargain sex toy for Secret Santa if your boss is female

Lovehoney G-Kiss Fluttering Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator: £19.99 (opens in new tab)

Lovehoney G-Kiss Fluttering Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator: £19.99 £10 (save 50%) | Lovehoney (opens in new tab)
Save £9.99
Budget of a tenner? This buy will make it seem like you have spent twice as much, so it's already a winner. With both a G-Spot and clitoral stimulator, this will hopefully give your manager a blended orgasm. It's fully waterproof, so they can enjoy it anywhere. 

Good luck, and Happy Christmas!

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