The 'surprisingly supportive' H&M sports leggings we can't get enough of - now under £20 in the spring sale

Health Editor Grace Walsh put these H&M sports leggings through their paces. Here's the surprising benefit of these super comfortable leggings

SoftMove sports tights, a pair of H&M sports leggings, both on model and laid out
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Woman & Home Verdict

The H&M SoftMove sports tights are incredibly supportive and comfortable to wear for hours on end. For sweatier workouts, I'd recommend a more moisture-wicking fabric.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very comfortable

  • +

    High waistband adds support and coverage

  • +

    Budget-friendly, especially on sale

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not suitable for very intense workouts

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The weather might still be unpredictable, but spring is certainly in the air and it's time to change up our workout wardrobes for the warmer days on the horizon. Enter, H&M's new SoftMove collection with super soft, functional, and lightweight fabric.

H&M's SoftMove collection was released earlier this year and includes staple pieces, everything from pairs of the best workout leggings to sports bras and jackets, designed for low-impact activities like yoga and Pilates. However, it only took me a couple of sessions to learn that range is capable of so much more than this.

The SoftMove sports tights are super comfortable and lightweight with a barely-there feel that makes movement easier, especially when sweaty. However, they are also surprisingly supportive thanks to some key design features - and what's more, they are available for under £20 in the H&M sale right now. 

H&M SoftMove Sports tights: Was £27.99

H&M SoftMove Sports tights: Was £27.99 Now £18
The H&M SoftMove Sports tights are available in multiple colours - but only three are on sale right now. I'm loving this pop of purple for spring, also available with a matching medium-support sports bra.

H&M sports leggings review 

H&M sports leggings review: An overview

The H&M SoftMove Sports tights are high-waisted gym leggings, available in various colours from deep black to bright green. They feel incredibly soft to the touch thanks to the predominantly polyamide makeup and they are comfortable to wear for hours on end, while also being stretchy and supportive enough to support all kinds of movement. 

This not only makes them a must-buy for those who regularly practice the activities these leggings were designed for - namely, yoga and Pilates - but also for anyone looking for comfortable leggings for gym workouts, hiking, walking, and even lounging. 

H&M sports leggings: Design

The stand-out design feature of these leggings is the material. Made from 83% polyamide and 17% elastane, they are so soft to touch and feel super comfortable even after wearing them for a few hours - a rare find, unfortunately. Yet, they are also stretchy enough to help you move through your yoga poses and workouts easily. 

On first impression, the seam that goes through the middle of the front panel in the leggings might be off-putting. It raised alarm bells in my head since a seam here can be a one-way ticket to camel toe, making you feel uncomfortable and exposed during exercise. I didn't find this to be a problem though as the material is fairly thick, so the seam stays out of the way. 

My favourite feature of the H&M SoftMove Sports tights is the high waistband, however. This gives the leggings a surprising, ultra-supportive feeling that you wouldn't expect from leggings designed mainly for mat workouts. It's this unexpected support that takes them away from being suitable only for yoga mat workouts and makes them a great choice for more dynamic stretches and sessions, like intense forms of yoga, full-body Pilates workouts, and strength training. Measuring 5.5 inches in width, the band stretches up to the bottom of my rib cage. Although, I'm a little taller than average, so this will be even higher for some people. 

A band like this not only provides extra coverage for when you're in downward dog or the bottom of a squat but it stops your leggings from slipping down - which has to be one of the most annoying things that can happen during a workout.  

They are also full-length, meaning the bottom of the tights touches the top of the ankle, and don't have pockets. I didn't find this to be particularly problematic as I wear my H&M SoftMove Sports tights for workout classes and walks mainly, where I have a bag to carry my essentials, it's worth bearing in mind if you're going to wear them to the gym. A pair of the best gym leggings with pockets - or the SoftMove Pocket-detail sports tights - may be a better option here. 

H&M SoftMove sports leggings in black from two points of view, front and back

These H&M sports leggings have a high waistband that stretches to the belly button. 

(Image credit: H&M)

H&M sports leggings: Performance

As noted, the H&M SoftMove Sports tights are made from a functional, lightweight fabric, designed for workouts such as yoga, barre, mat and Reformer Pilates, so they naturally faired well during my low-impact workouts and stretching sessions. I could move without an issue and the super-soft material kept me feeling very comfortable on my way to the studio, during the workout, and on the way home. In fact, I could have worn these leggings all day without an issue. The same cannot be said for many other pairs of leggings I have. 

I was curious to see the limit of the H&M SoftMove Sports tights, so I put them through their paces in a strength training workout at the gym - and I was pleasantly very surprised. They were very supportive, with the high waistband playing a key role in keeping me covered and feeling comfortable, and the soft material didn't show sweat marks as easily as I thought it would. Only after 40 minutes of squats, lunges, and a dumbbell workout did I see small sweat patches appearing around the crotch and waistband. My leggings are black though, so the colour perhaps hides them more. 

I've also worn these H&M sports leggings on two hikes and multiple casual walks. They look great, pair well will just about anything, and although the material is lightweight, it doesn't easily snag on brambles and bushes along country paths and wrong turns - trust me. 

For anything heavier than this, I'd recommend a fabric designed to wick away sweat. When these get sweaty, they feel heavier than some other leggings I've had. This is totally fine if you're just in the gym as I was - but I imagine this would get uncomfortable if you were on a run, for example. 

H&M sports leggings, view of the lower part of the leg with Move logo

(Image credit: H&M)

H&M sports leggings: Price

At full price, these H&M sports leggings are £27.99, putting them on the cheaper end of the spectrum for a pair of the best black gym leggings. Other colourways, such as the purple, plum, and green options, are on sale at the moment for under £20. 

In my eyes, the price is well worth the investment if these are in your budget. Compared to the likes of Nike, Sweaty Betty and lululemon, who sell their super soft leggings for up to £100, these are budget-friendly. They may even be one of the best lululemon alternatives. I've also had other pairs of H&M leggings that have lasted me years in constant rotation, so I have faith these will stand the test of time. 

Should I buy H&M sports leggings?

Yes, if you're in the market for a new pair of leggings for the warmer seasons, I can't recommend the H&M SoftMove Sports tights enough. They are some of the most comfortable yet supportive leggings I've ever had, making them a go-to for yoga studio sessions, strength training, long walks, and lounging around. 

I'd always suggest opting for a darker colourway to be on the safe side when it comes to sweat marks, but that's ultimately down to personal preference - and what's available online. The brighter colourways make for a perfect addition to any summer workout wardrobe, especially if you're doing low-impact workouts where you won't be getting too sweaty.

What's the rest of H&M sportswear like?

In general, H&M sportswear is excellent. Many people consider this budget-friendly fashion brand to be the go-to for basics and the latest trends - but it also has good-quality activewear for almost every activity and season. 

SoftMove and DryMove are H&M Move's primary two sportswear collections. The key difference is the material used in the leggings, sports bras, shorts, tops, and jackets. While Softmove is all about functional, lightweight materials that make it easy to move in whichever way you want, DryMove is made up of functional fabrics designed to wick away moisture and keep you comfortable on the move. I've also had various pairs of leggings and a pair of the best running shorts from this collection too, which I rate highly for value for money and durability. 

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