These Aime 'wonder drops' are the only thing that helps our health editor sleep during insomnia

Sleep deprivation will affect us all at some point in our lives, but when sleepless nights start to affect your day-to-day life, it can become a real problem.

I’ve always been an avid sleeper. But in 2019, I experienced a three-month period of horrific shut-eye. Stress, hormones or just some bizarre phase? I wasn’t really sure as to why I couldn't sleep, I just couldn't. I tried all sorts to fix it, and even consulted experts and had various tests. There was no apparent medical reason, but I was trapped in a bad cycle.

Feeling deliriously sleepy, I would hit the pillow at my usual time of 9.30pm, only to find that my brain would instantly perk up and I’d spend the next two hours desperately trying to calm it back down again. Then once I’d finally drifted off, I’d wake up two or three times over the night.

There were times when I was so peeved off with these rude awakenings that I’d get up and do a bunch of jobs to fill the time. Steaming a dress was a 2am highlight, as was cleaning my saucepans.

After many hours of desperate googling and weepy conversations with friends and colleauges, I discovered a product that was set to shake up my sleep routine like nothing else and get me back on track.

BEHOLD: The Aime Sleep & Glow drops (£39.! Taken an hour before bed, these helped me to feel sleepy, and stay sleepy. I call them my wonder drops!

SHOP NOW: £39, Aime (opens in new tab)

How do they work, I hear you whisper.

These wonder drops contain melatonin, a sleep hormone that is naturally produced by the body and builds gradually as the day goes on. Despite it being naturally produced by our body, many factors can affect and reduce melatonin levels, including stress and even screen lights.

These drops also contain Ashwagandha, an ayurvedic medicinal plant known for its regenerative properties. It’s said to help the body manage stress, by lowering levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Another delightful side effect of the Aime Sleep & Glow drops is that it worked wonders for my skin. As I was finally getting the sleep I needed, my skin – which regenerates overnight – looked brighter, healthier and younger. My eyes also looked far brighter too, but let’s be honest, whose doesn’t after a good kip?

I have since recommended these drops to several friends who have all been amazed at the results. Although a 20ml jar comes with quite a hefty price tag, it’s definitely worth the cost if sleep is a struggle and you can afford it.

SHOP NOW: £39, Aime (opens in new tab)

Because after all, sleep is the glue which holds most of us together! We're worth it.

Lucy Gornall is the former Health & Fitness editor at Future and a personal trainer specializing in pre and post-natal exercise.