How To Stop Menopausal Weight Gain

Worried about gaining weight during or after the menopause? Our health and fitness expert is on hand to help....

As we age, our bodies change and more often than not, we all start to feel as though we’re gaining weight – especially during and after the menopause. But is the weight gain down to hormonal changes or something else?

With advice coming from all over about what’s the best thing to do, it can often get confusing and frustrating to tackle the stubborn issue so our health and fitness expert, Joanne Henson, is on hand to bring us the facts once and for all about how to lose weight during menopause.

‘The belief that our metabolism slows as we get older is based on the general observation that the average woman tends to gain weight as she ages,’ Joanne explains. ‘But it’s not necessarily about age.

‘Instead, by the time you hit the menopause many of you will have had a lifetime of on-off exercising and yo-yo dieting, which over the years will have damaged the metabolism and made it harder for the same exercise and diets to yield results.

‘So yes, you are gaining weight, but that’s because the metabolism might be impaired, not because you are ageing or at the mercy of hormonal changes.’

But the question is – how do we fix it? Joanne’s first piece of advice for how to lose weight during menopause is to ditch the yo-yo dieting.

‘If what you’ve always done is no longer working, change it,’ explains Joanne. ‘That means rethinking how and what you eat.

‘Ditch the calorie counting, the low fat (but often sugar-laden) foods, the diet shakes and the cutting out of entire food groups. These might have worked the first time you tried them, and possibly the second and third times, but they are not a sustainable way of eating – you’ll feel deprived, so you’ll eventually revert to your old way of eating, and regain any weight you lost.

‘In fact you’ll probably gain more weight than you lost, because depriving your body of food and nutrients will send it into starvation mode and slow your metabolism so that it will become harder and harder to keep the weight off.’ Great tip!

Keep reading for more of Joanne’s top tips about how to lose weight during menopause… 

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