Herbal Tea Benefits That Boost Your Health

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  • The surprising health benefits lurking in your morning cuppa...

    It only takes one stroll down the ‘hot drinks’ aisle in the supermarket to see that herbal teas are big news. Black, green, redbush…herbal teas are more popular than ever, and not just as comforting cuppas. Numerous studies have shown herbal teas to do everything from staving off colds to helping you shed the pounds.

    We’ve all heard that drinking green tea can boost metabolism, and that chamomile tea can help you de-stress, but what about all the other herbs and spices – many of them hard to pronounce! – that are filled with heart-healthy flavonoids and antioxidants? If you’re confused about all the herbal teas out there, read through our round up of the 10 best health-boosters.

    Whilst shopping, don’t be fooled by pretty packaging and outlandish claims – always check the ingredients, and avoid teas with artificial flavourings or added sugar. To reap the most benefits, you want the main or only ingredient to be the actual herb.

    So see if you can swap your usual cup of coffee or breakfast tea for one of these herbal teas to discover a healthier you…

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